Ji Soo Talks About Ideal Date, Future Plans & More In His Return To The Philippines

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Ji Soo came back to Manila as a leading man!

Since his 2014 visit in Manila, Ji Soo’s life has changed dramatically.

From having cameo appearances in To the Beautiful You and Family, to making noonas blush in Angry Mom and triggering our second-male-lead syndrome in Cheer Up, the South Korean actor has definitely expanded his career, and at present, solidified his position as one of South Korea’s heartthrobs.

10 February 2018 was a testament to his growing popularity, especially in the Philippines as hundreds of his fans flocked SM Skydome to meet him at the My One and Only Ji Soo Fan Meeting in Manila.

Ji Soo

But before Ji Soo spent a pre-Valentine date with his Philippine fans, he met members of the press at Novotel Manila, and talked about the Philippines, his ideal date, proposal, career, and future plans.

Ji Soo’s second Manila visit

Because he was unable to go around the Philippines back then, Ji Soo was unsure how much the country has changed since his last visit. Still, Manila felt familiar, he said.

He also enjoyed Filipino foods like adobo, barbecue, red hotdog (which he said is not available in South Korea), and Jollibee, a Filipino fast food chain well-known for its chickenjoy.

Despite holding a fan meeting in the Philippines, Ji Soo remains uncertain on the extent of his popularity. “I’m not sure if I have a big fan base here in the Philippines,” he said.

Ji soo

Back in 2014, the South Korean actor was in the Philippines for the independent film Seoul Mates. The film, which was directed by Nash Ang, was about people who found each other, lost one another, and found themselves again. It also tackled multicultural differences in Filipino-Korean relationship.

Ji Soo acted alongside award-winning Filipina transgender actress Mimi Juareza in Seoul Mates, which was also an official entry in Cinema One Originals Festival in 2014.

Ji Soo

Ji Soo with Mimi Juareza for “Seoul Mates” (Photo from ABS-CBN)

In 2017, the South Korean actor captured the hearts of Filipinos through his second male lead roles in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which were shown in a local TV network.

What A Valentine’s Date With Ji Soo Be Like

Aside from being the Nation’s Second Male Lead, Ji Soo is ready to snatch another title as the Nation’s Ideal Man.

The South Korean actor is as considerate as In Gook Du of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in planning a Valentine’s date by putting his girlfriend’s preference first.

According to him, he will eat whatever his girlfriend likes during a date while overlooking a beautiful view.

Ji Soo

That’s not all.

Before proposing, Ji Soo likes to give hints to the other party first before saying “I like you.” According to him, he does not want the person he likes to be taken aback with the suddenness of the proposal, which will involve a pretty bouquet of flowers.

On the other hand, Ji Soo’s ideal girl is someone who he can connect with.

Getting to Know Actor Ji Soo

Ji Soo began his acting career through cameos and small roles in films and television series before his breakout role in 2015 as Go Bok Dong in Angry Mom alongside Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung.

The same year, Ji Soo acted in Cheer Up as Seo Ha Joon, melting Korean drama fans’ hearts with his bromance with Kim Yeol (played by Lee Won Geun) and his unrequited crush for Kang Yeon Doo (played by APINK’s Eun Ji).

Ji Soo

Ji Soo with Lee Won Geun in “Cheer Up” (Photo from KBS2)

He went on to take his lead role in Page Turner and supporting roles in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon before joining the cast of Bad Guys: City of Evil as Han Gang Joo.

As he takes on one project at a time, Ji Soo revealed that he is most comfortable in roles closer to his age as they are more relatable. He also shared his desire to take on characters based on true stories in future.

Ji soo

Despite having starred in a number of dramas and getting recognition in South Korea and abroad, Ji Soo remains humble, recognizing there is still room for improvement in his acting and career. “I’m still learning,” he said.

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