Kim Myung Soo Answers Questions About His Drama Characters + Shares Valuable Lessons He Learned As An Actor

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Kim Myung Soo revealed thoughts about his dramas and future goals at the press conference of his ‘Come With Me’ fan meeting

Hosted by Sunny Kim, the press conference was attended by members of Philippine media and various news outlet in the morning of January 12. Subsequently, the idol-actor is set to meet fans in the evening at 6PM in the New Frontier Theater.

Clad in casual printed black shirt and black pants, Kim Myung Soo sported his signature dimpled smile as soon as he met the press people. Ahead of his scheduled fan meeting, he gamely engrossed the crowd with witty answers and insights.

On His Return to the Philippines

Responding to the warm welcome he received, he remarked feeling happy and nervous to be back in the country. He also expressed excitement to perform for the fans and mentioned being grateful for the fans he met at the airport.

Additionally, he shared his plans for a new album. When asked which place he wants to visit, he replied his tight schedule did not allow it.

“I have tight schedule so I haven’t traveled. But I like roaming around the city. If I have time I would like to explore Metro Manila on foot,” he said.

The amiable actor confessed he has not tried any Filipino food yet and asked for recommendations on what he can try. Members of the press advised him to try popular local dish “adobo”, a kind of chicken stew. They also suggested visiting the representative food chain – Jollibee.

Kim Myung Soo

On His Future Music Plans

When asked about his future music plans having started his entertainment career as an idol, Kim positively responded. Finding the best music genre and planning for an album that would be love by people needs careful planning he said. He was hopeful to release a solo album within the year.

Kim Myung Soo

On his role as Angel Dan

From the smoothly-flowing interview, Kim Myung Soo bared his ideas about his plans for his music and acting career. With a couple of successful dramas and one coming up, he also relayed stories about his roles.

He relayed how his role as Angel Dan was able to give him a lot of lessons on acting techniques. Through his character, he was able to immerse on it and was happy about it.

When asked if he missed it, he responded how he gets separation anxiety whenever his drama ends. The same goes for Angel Dan in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. More so, he was challenged in his portrayal since finding inspiration to play the role of an angel is hard. But, after discussions with the production team, he was able to pull off the role efficiently.

Additionally, Kim revealed that episodes 8 and 9 when he was recovering his memories were his favorite parts in the series. Also, the hospital scene with his father was a memorable and emotional scene to him.

On the valuable lesson he learned as an actor

In the recent years, Kim Myung Soo’s acting portfolio has been building up with different supporting and main roles. Conveying he does not have a specific character he wanted to play as an actor, he goals to be versatile and be able to relate to the characters. Just like how he did in his role as a court judge and in the future as a human-cat.

He said, “The most important lesson as an actor is how to relate to the character. I put myself in the position of the character.”

On his upcoming drama “Welcome”

Feeling blessed working with senior actors who imparted career lessons to him, Kim mentioned how he is now working well with his female lead Shin Ye Eun, for their upcoming drama, Welcome.

He also relayed that his upcoming project will have him suit up as a cat who can turn to a human. Hence, since he has a pet cat, he has been carefully observing and studying it for him to play the role of Hong Jo, his character in the new drama.

Describing Hong Jo as pure and innocent, he confessed not being able to find similarities with his new character. Thus, it is a challenge for him. At the same time, the beauty of it is also presenting a new side of him as an actor.

Trying to fish a sneak peek of what to expect in the drama, host Sunny Kim asked the actor if there will be romance in the series. Smiling at the question, he answered how Welcome is perfect for his fans who likes romance.

“If you love romance, Welcome is a treat for you. Now that I know my Philippine fans like romance, I will work on more romantic scenes with my new drama,” he happily declared.

On his future goals as an artist

As he embarks on his career as a solo artist, Kim Myung Soo unveiled his intentions to show different sides of him as a singer, performer and an actor.

When asked about his elusive appearance in variety shows, he responded that entertainment shows can be a bit intimidating to him since he is a bit shy. But, if his fans like it, he would try to appear on it.

For his goal this year, he hoped his upcoming drama and to release an album. His New Year’s resolution leaned for him to work more with projects to show different sides of him.

Kim Myung Soo

Sweet and engaging to all the questions, Kim Myung Soo was full of energy in the quick, but packed interview session with the Philippine press. He invited his fans adoringly to his fan meeting and hopes to create a beautiful memory with them.

Helllokpop extends gratitude to CDM Entertainment for the media invite to the Philippine press conference of 2020 Kim Myung Soo ‘Come With Me’ Fan Meeting in Manila.

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