[INTERVIEW] Kim Se Jeong Reveals Goals For “I’m” Album, Collaboration Wish, Love For Fans, & More

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Get to know more about Kim Se Jeong’s thoughts about her music inspirations, affection towards her fans, and a lot more in our exclusive interview!

Multi-talented idol-actress Kim Se Jeong proves all ready to take the spotlight for her nearing grand solo comeback on March 29.

Titled I’m, the soloist’s upcoming second mini-album will mark as her first release in eight months. In August of last year, she gifted fans with her self-composed song “Whale”.

Known for her soothing vocals, she also treated listeners with her solo tracks such as “Flower Road”, “Tunnel”, “Plant”, among many others since 2016.

In our exclusive interview with Kim Se Jeong, albeit via e-mail, she gamely talked about her inspirations as a singer, especially her goals for her newest album.

On her journey as a soloist

Asked if there’s an artist who influences her the most when it comes to singing, she said, “Rather than being influenced by one particular artist, I think I’m influenced differently by every artist who’s in my different playlists every day.”

Se Jeong also opened up about the challenges that she’s currently facing as a solo artist. “I think what’s hard is the fact that I have to fill out a song all by myself, and I need to fill out not only a stage but also the energy of the song. So I think that’s why I explore different vocalizations and tones for each song and try to come up with diverse ideas for performances and albums,” she revealed.

A collaboration wish

As for the artist that she’d like to collaborate with in the future, she chose her good friend saying, “I want to release a friendship song with TWICE’s Jihyo. We have so many memories together and we’ll make more in the future, so I want to put that into a song.”

Trying out other concepts

Known for her bright image, Se Jeong shared that she’s open to trying other concepts as well.  “As an actress, I want to try myself at a melancholy character, a psychotic role, or someone with an illness. As a singer, I’d like to try a cool concept with a strong, tough girl-crush feel.”

Aside from wowing fans through her singing and dancing skills, she’s also captivating viewers through acting. She starred in the hit drama The Uncanny Counter in 2020, I Wanna Hear Your Song in 2019, and School 2017.

What to look forward to for “I’m” comeback

As the release of her second mini-album I’m draws nearer, Se Jeong expressed her excitement, “I’ve often had a hand in producing my previous albums too, but having participated in writing and composing every track this time around, I think that’s making me even more nervous.”

The idol also revealed her goals for the comeback. She said, “I hope they’ll keep a close eye on Kim Se Jeong’s potential, and the message I’m looking to impart. As they listen, I hope this could be an opportunity for fans to reflect, ‘Am I doing okay right now’, and to check in on themselves.”

“My goal is to be recognized for the potential of Kim Se Jeong the singer, and for more people to listen to my music. After all, one can only sing if there is an audience to hear, so I hope that even more people in the public will check it out,” she added.

Message to her loving fans

Thankful for the continuous love and support from her fans since her debut, Se Jeong sweetly gave a heartfelt message.

“Everyone! I missed you so much during this long period and without any way to express that, I just kept writing songs. My longing for the fans is in this album expressed in my own way, and I would like it if my heart and love could reach them. Until the day we meet again, please stay healthy mentally and physically,” she said.

Meanwhile, fans should watch out as Kim Se Jeong will drop her second mini-album I’m with “Warning” as the title track on March 29 at 6 PM KST. Moreover, she will gift fans with other songs such as “Teddy Bear”, “Do Dum Chit”, “Let’s Go Home”, and “Maybe I’m You”.

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This interview was covered by Khriz Virgilio. Conducted in Korean, it was later on translated into English by Jung Bae.