Let’s Go Korea! Seoullol 7017, Gaudo Island & Zip Track, Gangjin K-pop M Super Concert

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This is the first part of the “K-pop International Fan Network Fam Trip” where we explore and introduce the latest attractions in South Korea.

If you’ve seen some updates on our social media in South Korea, yes, one of our writers, Adrian, was recently invited to the motherland of Hallyu on one of Korean Tourism Organization (Singapore)’s Fam tours with the K-pop theme!

Bus sign in one of the K-pop Fam Tour participants’ buses

From October 20 to 24, our group (of over 30 participants around the world) traveled from Seoul down to the south. We had a tight schedule with a lot of traveling but 100% totally worthwhile!

Day 1

Airport Arrival

South Korea’s major airport Incheon International Airport is consistently known for one of the top airports for good reasons. From the moment you step out of the plane, the spacious walkway, warm ambience and the well-organized immigration counters are welcoming to all visitors.

One of the airport limousine bus routes outside Incheon International Airport in October 2017

Once you head out of the arrival terminal, you have many choices of public transportation. Taking trains and taxis are surely your safest bet but one of the most convenient ways to transport yourself to Seoul city is by the limousine airport buses which run by schedule.

Airport bus ticketing machine outside Incheon International Airport in October 2017

Located just right outside the terminal building are the many bus waiting points where you can take your desired bus to major drop-off points, mainly hotels scattered all over Seoul.

For this fam tour, we were luxuriously settled in Millennium Seoul Hilton hotel (5-star), where it is located near to many main city attractions such as Seoullo 7017, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Cheonggyecheon Stream, N Seoul Tower and Namdaemun Market.

The interior of the hotel room in Millennium Seoul Hilton hotel


The hotel rooms also offer a pretty good window view of N Seoul Tower!

Window view from the hotel room in Millennium Seoul Hilton hotel

First day was free and easy for everyone as all the participants had different arrival schedules. For the Singapore participants, we had the privilege to arrive early in the morning, so we went to explore Seoullo 7017 which was just 10-minute walk conveniently from the hotel.

Seoullo 7017

Seoullo sign at Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017. The name itself sounds fascinating with the first question that comes to you might be – why 7017? It turns out to be a very simple logic: the road was built in 1970s and reopened again in 2017. But wait, the “17” contains a deeper meaning than this. Structurally, the walkway is located 17 metres above the ground with 17 unique sections! Here are some quick facts for you to dig in further on this abandoned-turned-into-attraction landmark.

A view of Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017 used to be an abandoned flyover for vehicles that connected the roads around Seoul Station. But the Seoul government had a better plan for it. Instead of demolishing, it was transformed into the latest city attraction that offered a new type of pedestrian walking experience. On May 2017, Seoullo 7017 was officially opened to the public, and has since attracted many local and foreign visitors. It is not only a good vantage point for photography but also doubles up as an information centre and pedestrian rest stops with plenty of cafes and outdoor mini stages. There is even a guided walking tour available for booking!

A view of Seoullo 7017

Read more here: Seoullo 7017 official website

How to get there: 5-minute walk from Seoul Station

A view of Seoul Station from Seoullol 7017


Day 2

The weather was pleasantly perfect with crisp autumnal air. It was one of the best days to travel in Korea as the average daily temperature was not too hot or cold. On the second day, we spent almost half of the day on bus as we headed southward to Gangjin county for our first destination of the day – Gaudo Island.

Gaudo Island & Zip Track Experience

Gaudo Island is a tourist attraction situated at Gangjinman Bay. Out of the eight islands within the bay, this is currently the only inhabited island by 14 households.

The coastal scenery is breath-taking with the untouched nature. To reach the island, we have to cross the sea on a long suspension bridge.

Suspension bridge to Gaudo Island

Upon arrival at the island, we had our early dinner at the seafood restaurant right in front of the bridge. There, we were treated to a sumptuous spread of local foods, including the “creepy” San-nakji (sliced raw octopus) that wiggle posthumously due to the active nerves even when the octopus is killed.

While we are on this topic, take special care when you eat this Korean delicacy. As the suction cups of the octopus’ arm are still much active, they can pose a choking hazard to some people when they stick to the mouth or throat.


On Gaudo Island, there is a 2.5km long ecological path to explore. However due to time constraint, we proceeded straight to the Cheongja Tower for the zip track experience.

View from the top of Gaudo zip track

Gaudo Zip Track experience is (approximately) 40-second hair-raising mid-air rope ride down from the Cheongja Tower (Gaudo Island) to the mainland. Fret not, all precautions are in place as the staff actively monitor the wind condition as well as conducting safety briefing with dos and don’ts. Participants will also be required to wear the safety harness and helmet.

Before the ride, we were given the option if we wanted to skip the zip track as it was obviously not for the faint-hearted people from that height. According to our guide, the zip track will be closed to public if the weather is too windy.

Address: 473, Wolgot-ro, Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do,
전라남도 강진군 도암면 월곶로 473 (도암면)

How to get there: By car or bus


Gangjin K-pop M Super Concert

Next, we attended Gangjin K-pop M Super Concert, together with some 23,000 local and international attendees. It was a breakthrough two-hour concert in Gangjin county to be able to host such a major K-pop concert for the first time.

Gangjin K-pop M Super Concert stage

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This article is presented for 2017 K-pop International Fan Network FAM Trip from 20 October to 24 October 2017, organized by Korean Tourism Organization, with special thanks to KTO staff Miss Kim So Yeon ~

Reporting by Adrian Cheng

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