Lee Hyun Woo thrills Malaysia on October 14

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Young actor Lee Hyun Woo first made his acting debut in the year 2004 as a child actor in television drama Oolla Boolla Blue-jjang. As time goes by and through the stage of maturity, he began to appear in many popular dramas such as King Sejong the Great, Equator Man and God of Study.

On March 23 this year, he turned 20 years old (Korean age). From a cute child actor, he is now a charismatic looking and experienced actor. He recently starred in SBS’ latest hit drama, To The Beautiful You alongside with SHINEE‘s Choi Minho and f(x)Sulli. Hyun Woo played the role of as Cha Eun Kyeul, a handsome and talented soccer player who was very popular with the girls but never been in love before.

As the SBS‘ drama, To The Beautiful You, is currently airing exclusively on channel ONE HD in Malaysia and Singapore, ONE HD proudly announced a month ago that they would be bringing one of the starring stars, Lee Hyun Woo, to meet fans in Malaysia and Singapore on 14th and 15th October respectively.

On October 14, the much awaited fan meeting of Hyun Woo was held at Sungei Wang PlazaNatalie from hitz.fm was the host of the show. She hyped up the crowd by giving away special merchandises to lucky fans before the show began. Fans screamed and chanted vividly when Hyun Woo was welcomed to come on the stage. He warmly greeted the fans and later sat down with Natalie for an interview.

When Hyun Woo was asked about what was his ideal type of girl, he shyly expressed :”As long as she is kind-hearted”. He was a little shy but presented himself professionally throughout the whole interview. He was also given a chance to try out three local delicacies: Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Lemak and Satay. He must have enjoyed the food as he complimented the taste of the Asian delights. After the interview, it was time for game interaction between him and five chosen lucky fans on the stage. They were requested to sing Kyiyeowo (a song that Eun Kyeul sings to Jaehee in the drama). The five fans were also lucky to have individual polaroids taken with the actor. The whole show lasted for 30 minutes.

Before Hyun Woo left the stage,  he expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone whom he met and turned up today. The fans definitely enjoyed the show and look forward to welcome him back to Malaysia soon.


Event reported by: Seck [email protected]

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