Lee Seung Gi Takes Fans To An Unforgettable Voyage In Vagabond Tour In Singapore

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It is a known fact that Lee Seung Gi is a triple threat actor, but to see him live on stage will still leave every fans starstruck.

It was an eventful night for every Singapore Airens who came to Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Tour on October 26 at Singapore Expo Hall 7.

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore

Although a new episode of Vagabond is suppose to come out that night, Singapore Airens have momentarily deferred watching it and focused on seeing the real life Cha Dal Gon on stage. As the clock hit seven, the stage lit up and a dashing Lee Seung Gi, clad in white ensemble stood at the center stage, making every single audience member swoon with his hit song “Because You Are My Woman”.

On his third fan meeting in Singapore, Lee Seung Gi once again treated his fans with more memorable stages.

Curious about what Lee Seung Gi’s recently up to? Well the multi-talented actor gave us some snap shots about his life.

Lee talked about many things during the first part of his fan meeting. Things like his new pet Ppero and his latest drama, Vagabond. Here’s what transpired on that exciting night.

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore

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Lee Seung Gi Likes Fried Mantau

Unlike many foreign artists who visit Singapore, Lee Seung Gi’s favorite local food is fried mantau. He specifically like it with chili peppers and sauce. He said it is difficult to find that food in Korea that’s why he enjoys it a lot whenever he comes to the city. He even confessed that he ate 12 sumptuous mantau on his first try, but since he is on a strict diet, he just ate three pieces on his dinner.

His Busy Schedule Makes Him Feel Like An Idol

On screen, Lee updates his fans with pictures of his recent fan meeting tour. With his activities and busy schedule, Lee shared that it makes him feel like an idol.

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore


Lee Seung Gi talks about Ppero And Tip On Pet Care

Fawning about his new pet, he shares stories about Ppero who is now as equally popular as him. Since his pet’s birthday is coming, fans were eager to know his plans. He immediately answered, “No! Never! Enough!”. He said he will treat it just like an ordinary day.

He also shared some pet care tips to his supporters. Lee advised to not speak to pets on a high tone as dogs grow according to their owner’s tone. Speaking to pets in that manner will make them vulnerable.

He Is An International Superstar

Since Vagabond was shot in Morrocco, where the Bourne Series was shot as well, Lee Seung Gi was compared with famous Hollywood actor, Matt Damon.

Even in Morrocco, it was surprising to know that fans came to see Lee Seung Gi and set some snacks for him and his crew. The drama’s location manager, found it astonishing and said that even Matt Damon had not received the same treatment.

When asked about what he feels meeting his fans from different places, he said that it amazed and surprised him to see that people from other countries understand the Korean culture.

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore

The Best Variety Show Host

After he was discharged in the military, Lee Seung Gi became a mainstay in SBS variety show All The Butlers. He proved that he’s an all rounder entertainer as he won the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards. It may be late but Singapore Airens congratulated him for winning the award.

Lee Seung Gi Can Play Basketball

He can sing, act, host and dance. People may wonder if there is something else he can do. Well, he can play basketball. In one of the episode of All The Butlers, Lee Seung Gi showed his basketball skills.

In that particular episode, he himself was amazed when he made all the shots. As proof, he showed his supporters how to play basketball live. To add more excitement, he gave away signed posters with every shot he made.

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore

He is cautious about scarring his face

Vagabond is so far Lee Seung Gi’s most action-packed drama. In the fan meet, Lee talked about some behind the scenes story that happened while filming.

Since he did the stunts mostly by himself, he was asked if there is anything he feared most while doing the daring action scenes. He shared that during the scene where there was a glass breaking involved, though it was just sugar glass, he feared that the shattered pieces would scar his face.

He Loves Salt A Bit Too Much

Behind his sweet smile is a guy who loves salty food. In the second part of the fan meeting, Lee Seung Gi prepared something special for his ever loyal fans.

Showing off his cooking skills in his variety show, the audience got to witness his talent live on stage. He remarked that he did not really prepare a specific dish to cook, but based from the ingredients available on the table, Lee cooked a special toast for his lucky fans to taste.

While preparing the the hearty meal, Lee intentionally added way too much salt, which made the audience chuckle. He jokingly said “Don’t worry I will give you lots of water.”

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore

He Gifted His Fans With A Mini- Concert

Of course, the night will not be complete without Lee Seung Gi singing to his fans. In the last part of the show, Lee made sure to serenade his fans by singing his famous songs.

Immediately upon his return from a quick break, Lee sang “Return”, a truly heartwarming song. After that, the audience were on their feet as Lee performed “Smile Boy”.

Keeping the energy high, Lee Seung Gi followed it up with “Let’s Travel Together”, ending the night with a bang.

After Singapore, Lee will bring his voyage tour to Kuala Lumpur on November 30.

Lee Seung Gi Vagabond Voyage Singapore


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