How Lydia Lee’s Life Has Changed After Her Viral Cover Of Adele’s “Hello” That Stormed The Internet

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Lydia Lee talks about her current life and plans.

It has not even been two years yet but Lydia Lee (Lee Ye Jin), who sang the powerful cover of Adele‘s Hello, already made her official debut as a singer with her double single Blue, with b-side Paralyze Me on January 31.

Lydia’s debut music video Blue has since garnered a good number of views on YouTube, including many well-wishes from supporters, who have rooted for her since her Adele’s Hello cover took the internet by storm.

Lydia took some time off to talk about her current feelings and expectations, and what fans can continue to look forward in the near future.

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1. How your life has changed after Adele’s cover went viral?

The ‘Hello’ cover definitely was a turning point in my music career. The biggest change after the cover going viral was that people from all over the world got to know my name and could hear my voice. I was so lucky! From then on, I had life-changing opportunities to work with the worldwide writers, which led to my very first single ‘Blue’!

2. How did it feel like to be on the Ellen show?

Nerve-wracking to be honest! To be on the Ellen show was beyond my imagination. Every single moment after the cover was a huge challenge for me. Being on Ellen was the most difficult, overwhelming, but yet the best experience I’ve ever had in my whole music life.

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3. Did you get recognized on the street after that? If yes, how did you react?

It was a very interesting. Strangers coming out of nowhere saying ‘Hi’ is definitely something you don’t experience on a regular basis. It felt weird and extremely awkward. All I could do was just nervously smile. But I was so grateful every time they came up to me being supportive. It was magical.

4. What do you want your listeners to discover through your music journey?

My wish is to be in a very intimate stage with the listeners in terms of music. Sharing stories, experiences and feelings through music with the audiences are the first priority for me. I would be happy if people could find comfort through my music journey.

Credit: Suan Lee

5. What other genres would you want to venture further?

I have various tastes of genres, but ‘Jazz’ is my favorite. Soulful jazz music is what I’ve always been pursuing. Hope to release a full jazz album someday in the future. 🙂

6. What are your upcoming plans in the near future?

As to release plan, I will release more singles this year. As mentioned before, I had a writing session with amazing writers from Atlanta and London. ‘Blue’ was written in Atlanta but the upcoming single are from London!

Especially in Korea, there’s a music showcase/exhibition coming up for my single album ‘Blue’ on March 4-5. Also, I am invited to an overseas music festival in March. I am not supposed to make it public until the organization announces it. Please stay tuned for updates!

Credit: Suan Lee

7. Any message to the readers?

Thank you so much for the love and support and hope you guys are enjoying my upcoming music as well!

Credit: Suan Lee

Interview by Adrian Cheng and Seckvoon of Hellokpop

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