Meet Indonesian 5Romeo & K-pop Fan Rizky Pratama Putra Who Almost Collaborated With IU For Debut Single

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Meet Rizky Pratama Putra, a member of the Indonesian vocal group that almost collaborated with IU for their debut single.

Rizky Pratama Putra

5Romeo. Members from left to right: Pungky, Adhyra, Gusty, Rizky, Patudu
(Photo Credit: @rizkypepew – Instagram)


Rizky Pratama Putra, better known by his stage name Rizky Pepew, is a member of Indonesian vocal group 5Romeo. And a self-identified huge fan of K-Pop. Both Rizky and 5Romeo reflect how much influence K-Pop has in the music industries in other countries.

For instance, 5Romeo’s debut track, “Semenjak Ada Dirimu”, was almost set as a collaboration with South Korean soloist, IU. Furthermore, Rizky’s interest for K-Pop is highlighted through covering K-Pop songs on his YouTube account.

Through this exclusive interview, Rizky talked about what K-Pop means to his music career.

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HKP: Can you introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

Rizky Pratama Putra

Photo Credit: @rizkypepew (Instagram)

Rizky: Annyeonghaseyo, I am Rizky from 5Romeo. 5Romeo is an Indonesian vocal boy group produced by famous Indonesian pianist and producer Yovie Widianto. I love K-Pop so much. I have SNSD, Red Velvet, Big Bang, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK on my playlist. In fact, my first bias was Sooyoung from SNSD ❤


HKP: What is this one K-Pop song that you are really into right now? And why?

Rizky: I LOVE “BAD BOY” BY RED VELVET SO MUCH! I played the song like a thousand times every day. The song is very good, the music video is excellent, and the members are unbelievably pretty. Ah, I wish I could meet them.

HKP: It’s a known fact that you are a K-pop fan. But how has K-Pop influenced you over the span of your music career?

Rizky: K-Pop has a great impact on Indonesia’s music industry. Especially after the boyband and girlband fever in Indonesia, everyone started to know K-Pop. Including myself. From sweet tracks like “Kissing You” to upbeat dance-moving song “Gee” by SNSD, everyone loves it! That’s why 5Romeo’s first album has a wide variety of romantic-slow, dance, and jazzy tracks. Influenced by K-Pop, one of our songs called “Semenjak Ada Dirimu” has Korean lyrics in it.


HKP: 5Romeo’s track “Semenjak Ada Dirimu” features lyrics in Korean as well. How did you guys initially come up with that idea, and what were you guys trying to achieve through it?

Rizky: Yes! It is translated to “네가 있을 때부터 (nega iss-eul ttaebuteo)”, which mean “since you are here” in English [hence, “Semenjak Ada Dirimu” in Indonesian]. We translated the whole refrain part in that song to Korean, and sang it in two languages [Indonesian and Korean]. 

Rizky Pratama Putra

Photo Credit: @dlwlrma (Instagram)

Our plan was actually a duet. Our group and management had this very big plan to launch our song in Korean, dueting with a very talented Korean female soloist, IU. But since there were some problems here and there, we canceled the plan and sang with an Indonesian female singer instead.

5Romeo is an Indonesian vocal group formed by Yovie Widianto, producer and pianist of renowned Indonesian groups and tracks. The quintet debuted in 2012 with a recycle of popular track “Semenjak Ada Dirimu“, giving the track a fresh twist by changing the reff into Korean. In 2016, the boys released Bukan Modus, their first full-length album.

Stay tuned for the second part of our interview with Rizky Pratama Putra. Do follow Rizky at @rizkypepew on Instagram, @RizkyLR on Twitter, and rizkypepew on YouTube. And also follow 5Romeo’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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