Meet The Rose, A K-pop Boy Band “Romantic And Gentle In A Masculine Way”

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Vocals? Talents? Visuals? They have it all! Watch The Rose members answer interview questions in the most adorable way!

The Rose

Photo Credit: The Rose – Twitter

The Rose members are definitely the most adorable! When given a set of questions to answer, they did not hesitate to be completely honest, and even goof around with it.

Being such a talented group, we cannot help but ask about the inspiration behind their songs. Member Jaehyeong answered that inspiration may come out of an unexpected encounter passing by a beautiful person. While it started seriously, Jaeheyong’s candid description of meeting a beautiful person cracked Dojoon and Woosung up.

The Rose also answered why they chose to promote as “The Rose” despite its feminine association. “Romantic and gentle in a masculine way” is how the boys thought of their group now.

The Rose, comprising members Woosung, Jaehyeong, Hajoon, and Dojoon, debuted in August 2017, with their title track “Sorry”. Different from the formation of other Korean groups after training, The Rose has been actively busking since 2015 before eventually joining J&Star Company in 2016.

Currently, the group is preparing for their The Rose First Europe Tour – Paint it Rose Tour in Europe. The quartet will be stopping by to meet fans in Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul, London, and Budapest between February 16 and 25. The tour is organised by MyMusicTaste and you can check details at their page.

Watch our exclusive interview (part 1):

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