MONSTA X Burst With Spectacular Performances At “From Seoul with Luv” Online Concert

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MONSTA X share the luv with fans from over 126 countries though electrifying performances at their online concert Monsta X Live: From Seoul with Luv!

MONSTA X members Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M successfully completed their online concert that was produced and streamed on the US-based platform LiveXLive.

monsta x live from seoul with luv

The group had raised anticipations for the online concert that was held on August 9, with engaging posts and sweet interactions with fans through their SNS.

The concert saw some dynamic performances from the group who opened the concert with their power-packed numbers “Follow” and “DRAMARAMA” that feature high octane energetic rhythms.

Commencing the concert on an upbeat note, the group stated, “We prepared a lot of online live concerts because we thought you must have been heartbroken by the postponement of the world tour concert in 2020.” They added, “We prepared a lot of stages that Monbebe wants to see and that we are eager to show.”

monsta x

They turned up the heat with fiery tracks from “Play It Cool,” “Monsta Truck,” “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT,” “FLOW,” “WHO DO U LOVE,” and more. Additionally, MONSTA X thrilled fans as they showcased some never seen before acts of their songs “HAPPY WITHOUT ME” and “MISBEHAVE.” 

The sextet further delighted Monbebe with special segments wherein the group joked around and had playful exchanges and spoke about Shownu’s recent love for cooking and during the bit, they even shared the MONSTA X leader’s favorite recipe as well.

Moreover, MONSTA X went through their memorable moments from their concerts as well as indulged in a Q&A session answering fans’ questions. 

MONSTA X further stunned fans with spectacular stages of their hard hitting tracks including “Shoot Out” and “HERO,” that exuded an intense and explosive energy that stirred the hearts of fans watching the concert online from across the globe.

Post the performances the group made an adorable confession. They said, “We missed your voices so much that we tried to capture the actual cheering of Monbebe during last year’s tour. There is no energy as charged as much as Monbebe’s cheers.”


Though fans couldn’t physically attend the concert, they sent messages of love and support for MONSTA X through real-time chats. 

Furthermore, the encore stage that marked the finale of the concert was set up to create an ambient atmosphere to fit perfectly to the theme of their heartwarming tracks, “By My Side” and “Stand Up.” 


Right after the concert, MONSTA X said, “Everyone is having a hard time with COVID-19, and we too, want to go back to a safe and happy everyday life as we did before and visit Monbebe all over the world to enjoy a proper performance at the concert hall, and we still have so much to show you on stage.”

I.M stated, “I could feel the energies of Monbebe through this online performance. After performing on stage, I wanted to look into the eyes of fans at the concert hall and communicate with them.”

He endearingly added, “I hope you (Monbebe) don’t feel lonely and tired just because of this situation, and cheer up until the day we meet again, thinking about the precious memories we shared.”

monsta x someone's someone

Meanwhile, MONSTA X has been nominated under the Best K-pop category of “2020 MTV Video Music Awards” for their heartfelt song “SOMEONE’S SOMEONE” from their first full-length English album ALL ABOUT LUV.

PR/Images Source: Starship Entertainment