NOIR Gifts Lumieres With Unforgettable Experiences In Second Fan Meeting And Concert In Manila

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For their second stint in Manila, NOIR takes things up a notch with passionate performances and unforgettable interactions with their Filipino Lumieres.

After their first meeting with Filipino Lumieres in December 2018, NOIR has shown how much they have grown since then through the 2019 NOIR Meet & Live Tour “The Ninth” on August 10 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila’s Grand Plaza Ballroom.

The ballroom was truly alive and well as NOIR gifted their fans sweet interactions and unforgettable stages.

NOIR immediately took off and set the mood for the show with a powerful performance of “Airplane Mode”. After that, the boys immediately followed up with an equally stellar performance of “Become a Star”. After greeting their fans, the boys serenaded the crowd with “Beautiful”.

In between performances, the boys interacted with their fans through various segments. After their first set of performances, the nonet answered some of their Lumieres’ burning questions through an amusing question and answer segment. Seunghoon, for one, dedicated a rap for the Lumieres in the crowd.

The question and answer portion also allowed Filipino Lumieres to get to know NOIR and their music better! Minhyuk shared that his favorite Filipino food is dried mangoes, while Seunghoon enjoyed food from Jollibee. The group also explained the theme behind their latest comeback, “Doom Doom”, which is a song meant to make people feel more passionate.

After answering their fans’ questions, the boys took the opportunity to get even closer to their fans with a charming rendition of “Hello”. Soon after, their hip-hop unit set the stage on fire with “You Don’t Know Me”.

NOIR kept the crowd’s energy rising as they followed it up with a passionate performance of “Doom Doom”.

To express their gratitude for Filipino Lumieres, NOIR prepared a few special stages especially for their Philippine show: a riveting dance performance, and their lovely take on BTS’ “Boy With Luv”!

NOIR began to wrap up the night with two intense stages, comprised of performances of “Diamond” and “Gangsta”. After a brief break, the boys lit up the stage with a phenomenal dance medley of TWICE’s “Fancy”, NCT U’s “Boss”, and MONSTA X’s “Alligator”.

To officially cap off the night, the boys expressed their immense gratitude for their Filipino Lumieres. Each member shared how thankful they are for the crowd’s continued love and support, which enabled them to return to the country for the third time. For the encore, the boys launched into a heartfelt rendition of “Gift”.

Check out more photos from the event below:

Photos by: Emylyn Castalla


2019 NOIR Meet & Live Tour “The Ninth” was presented by Luk Factory, and FanLivePH. Hellokpop extends gratitude to FanLivePH for the invitation to the event.

Event covered by Angela Suacillo and Emylyn Castalla.