NU’EST reveals themselves in first Singapore press conference

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(L to R: Minhyun, Ren, JR, Baekho and Aron)

Rookie group NU’EST made their very first appearance in Singapore on October 26.

The boys arrived in the early morning and though without good rest, they were still able to put up their best performance during the event. It started in the early afternoon with NU’EST doing their signature greeting to the floor of media before the press conference began.


Q.What can fans anticipate in the future?

Baekho: Not just in Korea, we will hope to venture out intentionally as well. We would like to show all of our development and evolvement of NU’EST in the near future.

With much confident, leader JR said : “In 5 years time, NU’EST would be at the top and on the Billboard charts, not only Singapore, we will be touring around the world as well.”


Q.How did NU’EST join Pledis Entertainment? Was it through casting or auditions?

Aron: For me, I auditioned for the 2010 Pledis USA Auditions and I got first place. So after the audition, I came into the company and became a part of NU`EST.

Baekho: I was playing with my friends in my hometown (Jeju Island) and I was casted by the Music Director.

JR: I was heading home from school and at first I thought that it was a scam as I was not interested in the entertainment industry. Eventually, my interest grew and made me who I am today.

Ren: I went to the audition held by Pledis Entertainment when I was in ninth grade because my dream was to be a singer.

Minhyun:  I was also casted when I was heading home from school but I was different from the leader JR. I was interested to become a star so I didn’t think that as a scam and I was very happy to become part of Pledis Entertainment.


Q.With an average age of 17.4, all of you must have been still schooling. How do you juggle your schedule? With singing, dancing and practicing on top of all these curriculum?

Baekho: Since we are attending an entertainment related school, the school and the management adjust the schedules to allow us to concentrate on our studies.


Q.Having starred in several of your senior’s Music Videos, do you have plans to pursue in the acting scene or is there something else that you would like to try out?

JR: Yes, a few of us have starred in our senior’s Music Videos but they have no plans yet. If there are opportunities, we would like to be actor too.

Q.This is NU’EST’s first visit to Singapore. What is your impression of Singapore and your Singapore fans?

Aron: Singapore is definitely one of the cleanest country I have ever been to. And the people are really nice. I’m really glad to meet you guys and it’s definitely a pleasure to be here.


Q.NU’EST made their debut with FACE, a powerful track that discusses societal problems of bullying in schools. What are your personal thoughts on this social issue?

Baekho: We cannot change the whole world and we cannot fix all the problems out there but at least through this song, it will allow us to rethink about this issue.


Q.What is your favourite food in Singapore?

Aron: Actually,we just arrived today so we haven’t eaten much but I heard about Chili Crab so I really want to try it out.

Baekho: Singapore-Chinese style dumplings?

JR: It is my first time in Singapore so I will try anything that anyone recommends me.

Ren: I like everything about Singapore food.

Minhyun: I’ve not tried anything yet as we just arrived today, but I would like to try as much as I can.

Q.What were your first impressions of each other when you guys first met?

Baekho: Aron was really cute and funny cause he was from the United States and Korea was really cold during that time so he wore long coats and big pants which made him looked really funny.

Aron: I was from LA and there was no snow in LA and it was not really cold in LA as it is warm most of the time and when I went to Korea it was like snowing blizzards and I almost died last year.

JR: Aron is the funniest guy.


Q. The music video ”Not Over You” portrayed the boys in a relaxed mood doing leisure activities. What does each member do when they are free?

Baekho: We enjoy our free time by playing the play station or any games that are available together.

Recently, we are all obsessed with watching dramas. Whenever one of us say that this drama is really good, the rest of us will be addicted to it too.

Baekho: The Innocent Man/Nice Guy , Reply 1997/Response 1997.


Q.What can Singapore fans expect from Singapore’s showcase seeing that it is their first time performing in Singapore.

JR: NU’EST will show everything that we’ve got.

Minhyun: And in between songs, there will be games and we would really want to have interactions with the fans.

Q.If you didn’t debut as singers, what will you be?

Aron: I would be a college student.

Baekho: I’m 18 years old so I will probably still be schooling.

JR: Maybe I would just remain as a normal student.

Ren: I am interested in fashion designing so I might be a fashion designer.

Minhyun: My dream is to be a singer so while I am studying, I might join the Superstar K for audition.


Q.What is the boys’ definition of a perfect day?

JR: A perfect day will be to show the fans what NU`EST is going to perform on the stage today.

Minhyun: I have nothing to say because JR has the best answer.


Q.Christmas is coming. What present would you like to receive the most?

Aron: Your love.

Minhyun & Baekho: A new album.

JR: We do not want anything, instead we want to give you all something.

Q.One last thing you would like to say out to everyone on the floor.

Aron: We would like to thank you guys for coming here and supporting us. It’s definitely an honour and pleasure and we hope you guys enjoy the day today. Thank you.


NU’EST: Thank you!


The autograph and photo-taking session took place right after the press conference ended. Fans began streaming in, taking the queue line, waiting eagerly to see their idols up close for the first time. Some lucky fans were able to receive handshakes and hugs from the friendly boys too.

Check out the photos taken during the events below:


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Press conference & photos by: Kenny@hellokpop


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