[CONCERT RECAP] It’s Two Thumbs Up For PENTAGON As They Culminate Their Prism World Tour In Singapore

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K-pop boy group Pentagon staged a spectacular performance with nothing but pure talent.

Pentagon shined brightly with their UNIVERSE as they brought the last stop of their 2019 Prism Word Tour in Singapore to a resounding success.

At exactly 7 PM on November 2, the Singapore Universe present at The Star Theatre, had the most exciting day of their lives as their favorite boy group performed live infront of them.

With not much fancy props on stage, Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok delivered amazing performances through their incredible dance choreography, powerful vocals and delightful interactions with their members and fans.

Allow us to bring you back to the wonderful moments spent at the 2019 Pentagon Prism World Tour In Singapore.

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Pentagon Did All They Can For The Fans

Coming down from an elevated stage, the shining eight boys welcomed the crowd as they paraded towards the main stage signaling a great start.

Surrounded by a blast of confettis, Pentagon’s leader – Hui invited the crowd to stand up. Everyone were on their feet as the group kick started the night with their popular tracks “Sha La La” and”Gorilla”.

Following their first set, the boys happily greeted their fans. Like what their avid supporters feel, Pentagon was eager to be back again in the city. The boys revealed that they did their best to study English to communicate well with the SG Universe.

When Hui, said “scream for us”, the audience replied back with a thunderous roar. Soon after, the crowd were overwhelmed as Pentagon soared high with hit songs – “Like This”, “Runaway”, “Just Do it Yo’ and “Hump”.

Special Stage + Bruno Mars Cover

In the next part of the concert, Pentagon showed their bright sides as they vaunted their special stages.

Jino, Kino, Hongseok and Yeo One teased the crowd with their overflowing charisma as they performed Camila Cabello’s “Havana”.

Meanwhile, the crowd got funkier that night as Hui, Wooseok, Yuto and Shinwon unleashed their inner Bruno Mars with “Uptown Funk”

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Hongseok Recalled His Moment In Singapore + Recommends Bandung To His Members

Pentagon’s member Hongseok lived in Singapore to study English. Although he tried not to recall his life in Singapore, Hongseok recommended the popular pink colored drink – Bandung, to his members.

Hongseok made a cute gush as he recalled how he used to do silly stuff when he was young. Being an alumni of Hwa Chong Institution, he invited his former classmates which made him a little embarrass that night.

Moving on, Pentagon sedated the the crowd to the retrospective sound of “Critical Beauty”. Then, Pentagon threw in energetic numbers with “Skateboard” and “Can You Feel It’.

Pentagon Spoke Sing – Lish

As the group mentioned preparing so much for their Singapore stop, they confessed how they wanted not only to communicate in pure English, but also speak to their fans in their local lingo – Singlish.

Although some of the members struggled a bit in speaking, the fans found the effort adorable.

Revealing why Pentagon picked “Prism” as their tour title, they remarked how the group wanted to show their different colors in terms of their music and performance to the Universe.

Dedicating their next tracks to their beautiful supporters, Pentagon seranaded the crowd with “When It Rains” and “Beautiful”

A Treat Of Heavenly-like Voices And Incredible Rap Skills

Pentagon is known for having members who can hit high notes and also its distinct rap unit.

Kino, Wooseok, Yuto and Hui recognized as the hip-hop line left the fans awe-stricken as they performed “Lost Paradise”.

On the other hand, Jinho, Shinwon, Yeo One and Hongseok belted their amazing vocals hitting the highest of the high notes in “Till”.

A Fantasystic Party

Rocking the night away, Pentagon brought the house down with their party music that made SG Universe let loose.

They showcased their power-packed hits and explosive runs with “Fantasystic”, “Pretty Pretty”, and  “Spring Snow”


A Promise To Come Back

It’s Pentagon’s third time to come back in Singapore and as Hongseok said – it definitely was not gonna be the last time.

They promised to come back to when it gets cold to warm the Universe’ heart. But then, Hongseok realized that Singapore doesn’t have a winter season which made the guys cracked up in laughters.

Cutely redeeming himself he said, ” When your hearts get cooler, Pentagon will come back to make it burn again.”

Leaving the crowd with an eventful memory, Pentagon scintillated with genuine emotions shared with onsite attendees through their “Shine” number.

A Spectacular Encore And Unexpected Hi-Touch

It’s a night SG Universe wish would never end. After their finale stages, all the eight boys came back to give an extra love to to their fans. The guys gifted the crowd with bonus performances of “Thumbs Up” and “Spectacular”


Indeed, it was a spectacular evening that SG universe would forever cherish.

As a farewell gift to their unwavering fans, Pentagon surprisingly announced sealing the night away with an unexpected Hi Touch moment to send off all concert-goers with the best memories.

The 2019 Pentagon Prism World Tour in Singapore is presented by Cube Entertainment, CK Star Entertainment and Live Nation.

Hellokpop extends gratitude to CK Star Entertainment for the media invites.

Photo Credits : CK Star Entertainment