[CONCERT RECAP] ITZY Flaunts A Glittery Showcase In Singapore

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ITZY made friday night more glitzy in Singapore!

On December 13, JYP’s new girl group darling dazzled the Singapore Midzys on their first showcase in the Sunny Island, titled Itzy? Itzy. 

At Suntec Convention Centre, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna flaunted their charming sides as rookie idols.

Here are the things that made the showcase memorable and entertaining.

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Their Fabulous Glitzy Outfit

Watching the group onstage with their glittery and metallic green ensemble makes them look like living beautiful mannequins.

They’re Adorable In Playing Games

Midzys experienced a special night as they witnessed ITZY’s other cute sides right in front of their eyes.

In the game portion, the the quintet showed their spontaneous talents other than performing.

Amazingly, the girls showed their ability to guess the song with just one beat.

Although the girls had a hard time playing the charades, they were able to answer the challenges in their cute ways.

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A Tribute To Twice And Got7

Performing to Twice’s “T.T” and Got 7’s “Hard Carry”, ITZY paid homage to their sunbaenims.

Their Icy Cool Performance

Though the group just recently debuted, their immense popularity is no joke.

Just barely a year old, the quintet bagged numerous rookie award and amassed millions of views in YouTube.

Of course, the fans were also able to witness their popular songs as they performed it live on stage.

ITZY doted their fans with “ICY”, “It’z Summer” and “Cherry”. Furthermore, they capped the night off with “Want It” and debut hit song “DALLA DALLA”.

Their grateful attitude

Blessed beyond measures, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna had nothing but appreciation to their fans who took their time off to spend it with them. In return, the girls warmly revealed stories on how they had enjoyed the pre-show moments they did to familiarize themselves with Singapore’s culture.

They further voiced out genuine gratitude for the unconditional support and love they have been receiving. Ultimately, they hoped for continuous connection and more meetings with the fans in the future.

ITZY Premiere Showcase Tour ITZY? ITZY in Singapore is brought to fans by  Live Nation.

Event covered by Tetchie Medina