10 Highlights From “The Great Seungri Tour” In Manila We Will Always Cherish

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The Seungri Show in Manila was a night full of laughter, filled with performances, loaded with cheers, and overflown with emotions.

When Seungri said he would stage a great show, he was not kidding — not even a tiny bit.

And everyone who was at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on January 19 for The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Manila “The Seungri Show” was a witness to that greatness. The youngest member of BIGBANG made sure every single person in the venue had the best two hours of his or her life.

From his stellar performance to his humorous antics and heartfelt effort, Seungri delivered and was true to his concert tour’s name, making the almost four years of waiting of Philippine VIPs beyond worth it.

So, join us here at Hellokpop as we relive the moments and list down the highlights of the singer’s matagumpay concert in isa, dalawatatlo

Seungri In Manila

(Photo from Loong Studio)

#1 Let’s Talk About Seungri’s Solo Songs

Seungri is one of the few idols who have successfully ventured into music, acting, and variety shows — not to mention, business — yet, we tend to forget of his roots in singing and dancing.

And last Saturday, the youngest member of BIGBANG reminded everyone of his immense talent as a singer and a performer. Thus, he took the stage and treated the audience members with fiery and heart-pumping performances of his classic hits such as “Let’s Talk About Love”, “GG BE”, “Gotta Talk To U”, and “Strong Baby” and his latest songs “Where R U From”, “Hotline”, and “1, 2, 3”.

He also serenaded PH VIPs with sentimental songs “Alone”, his favorite track from his first studio album, and “In My World” from his 2011 V.V.I.P album.

#2 We Are Not Gonna Lie — We Miss BIGBANG

And The Seungri Show fueled the longing to see the quintet back together on stage again. Seungri opened the show with BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” and served a generous amount of other BIGBANG hits on the concert setlist, namely “If You”, “We Like 2 Party”, “My Heaven”, “Hands Up”, “Lies”, “Bae Bae”, “Flower Road”, and “Fantastic Baby”.

T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung must have been smiling proudly in the army because of their maknae who never let an opportunity to keep BIGBANG’s name alive slip while his hyungs are serving the country.

G-Dragon and Taeyang will be even prouder as Seungri also honored their music during the concert when he performed “Crooked”, “Good Boy”, and “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.

Seungri In Manila

(Photo from Loong Studio)

#3 Sandara Park Fires Up the Concert Stage

Aside from Seungri’s comeback to the Philippine concert stage after almost four years, SM Mall of Asia Arena also welcomed the return of 2NE1’s Sandara Park on its stage after almost five years since 2NE1’s concert in Manila in 2014.

Dara gave her 101 percent energy in her performances of “Fire”, “Crush”, “I Am The Best”, and “Go Away” — and we can’t help but reminisce the good ol’ days of seeing CL, Bom, Minzy, and Dara on stage together.

Seungri In Manila

(Photo from Loong Studio)

#4 That “Dahil Sa’yo” Duet

FACT: Seungri and Dara’s “Dahil Sa’yo” duet was THE DUET that got our jaws really dropping hard on the floor. BIGBANG’s youngest member really went out there to impress as he sang the Filipino song like a local. We swear “wow” was echoing all over the arena when he belted the first line.

According to Dara, she suggested the idea of covering a Filipino song to Seungri and he immediately said yes. She added they had only two days to practice the song. Still, the two singers delivered such a performance beyond everyone’s expectation, that we began to root for a PANDARA duet (Please, YG!).

#5 The Next BIGBANG Hit Song: “Tagumpay” and “Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo”

BIGBANG’s new song might have just been leaked, but in any case, we are already loving it. Kidding! Seungri had some fun with the Filipino translation of his stage name, Victory, or tagumpay in the local language — too much fun as he started composing a track out of it.

According to him, he will ask G-Dragon to complete the song and include it on BIGBANG’s comeback album. We are looking forward to this chart-topper! (Writer’s Note: As I was typing this down, Seungri’s “Tagumpay” song is playing in my head. It’s that addictive.)

Aside from Gaon’s upcoming perfect all-kill song “Tagumpay”, Seungri had another song idea for the boy group’s album — the Filipino version of “1, 2, 3” which will be titled “Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo”.

#6 Meeting Mother-In-Law (Kidding!)

PH VIPs who were at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on January 19 can proudly say they got to talk to their mother-in-law.

Seungri video-called his mother during the concert and showed off the people who came to watch his concert. It was brief (and we are not 100 percent sure if the call went smoothly because Philippine internet connection…).

#7 His Humor That Never Dies

From boasting about his stage effects to making fun of his hyungs and himself and his funny interactions with the crowd, he got everyone laughing with his lightheartedness, relatable antics, and cool persona.

We appreciated the humor. We felt his humility and affability — and you can’t help but root for him every step of the way.

#8 “I Love You, Pilipinas!”

Seungri’s effort to get close to his fans and give them the best show was evident all throughout. He took his time to learn the local language and sing a Filipino song. The singer tried his best to communicate to fans in a language understandable to them. He prepared special events and made sure they felt loved by their idol.

And we surely witnessed his love and appreciation to PH VIPs with his “mahal ko kayong lahat”, “I love you, Pilipinas”, and more.

#9 VIPs’ Love For Seungri

PH VIPs did not let the opportunity to pass without making sure Seungri went home with lots of love from the Philippines. Fans prepared special fan projects for him such as the banner project which carries their promise to wait for Seungri.

The crowd was energetic and full of enthusiasm throughout the show. Kudos to PH VIPs! The air was cold, but the arena was so warm with your love for Seungri.

#10 The Promise of BIGBANG’s Return

The Seungri Show was too much fun, to be honest, that it masked the bitter reality that it will be Seungri’s final concert in the Philippines before his impending military enlistment.

Still, PH VIPs were filled with hope and optimism that BIGBANG will stand on the Philippine concert stage again as five as they hold on to Seungri’s promise that the boy group will come back.

It might take a while before we see him back for a concert in Manila, but Seungri left PH VIPs tons of wonderful memories from his The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Manila “The Seungri Show” that will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

So, PH VIPs, keep shining and wait for the return of your favorite boys.

Seungri In Manila

(Photo from Loong Studio)

Hellokpop would like to thank Loong Studio for the invitation to The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Manila “The Seungri Show“.

Event covered by Emylyn Castalla for Hellokpop. All photos are from Loong Studio.

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