‘Take What You Want’ album contest giveaway!

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We are dazzling with our new website and we thought it would be nice to kick-start the celebration with these awesome albums. Over the next few days, you will see new features being added onto the website and more contests and give-aways over the next few weeks – trust us, you will want to keep an eye out for the prizes we have lined up!

This contest is simple, we have the following albums to give away: UKISS’s DORADORA, Girls Generation (TTS)’s Twinkle, Girls Generation’s Mr. Taxi and 2NE1’s 2nd mini-album – and guess what? We’re going to let you tell us which album you want and we will give you the chance to win these awesome albums!

It’s simple. Head over to our Facebook and simply share, like or comment on the album which you want to have and you will receive an entry into the competition! Do all three and you will receive three entries!

So, which album do you want? Head over to the Facebook page to tell us which one you want!


Girls Generation (TTS) – Twinkle

Girls Generation – Mr. Taxi (Sponsored by Korea Tourism Org., Sydney & Asian Pop Experiment)

2NE1 – 2nd mini-album (Sponsored by Korea Tourism Org., Sydney & Asian Pop Experiment)

*The competition will end on 14 July, 2012. Any foul or un-apprioriate comments will automatically be removed and the user will be reported to Facebook for misuse of conduct. 

Remember, this is just the beginning of what we have to give-away. Watch this space!


Update: 15/07/2012


2NE1 – 2nd mini-album: Melanie Sigar

U-KISS Dora Dora: Mary Grace Rapada

Girls Generation Mr. Taxi: Hans Almorade

Girls Generation-TTS Twinkle: Kim Byuntaeng

Girls Generation-TTS Twinkle: Eric Yoon


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