Meet Tasya, A K-pop Fan With Down’s Syndrome Who Beats The Odds To Become An Amazing Dancer

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Children with disabilities have been, for so long, marginalized. But Tasya, a K-pop (Girls’ Generation) fan, from Glowing Indonesia is ready to change your mind.

Tasya, a Girls' Generation Fan

Tasya from Glowing. // Photo Credit: Glowing.

For so long, children born with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) have been marginalized. As a short background, IDD is an umbrella term that encompasses long-term, detrimental problems usually present at birth and negatively affect an individual’s physical, emotional and/or intellectual development. For instance, ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and Down’s syndrome. 

People stereotypically categorize children with special needs as not friendly and unapproachable, when in fact, they all excel in their own fields of expertise.

Meet Tasya from Glowing – Down’s syndrome does not hinder her from being an amazing dancer.

Tasya, a Girls' Generation Fan

Tasya from Glowing. // Photo Credit: Glowing.

Glowing is an informal institution that mentors people with IDD through lovingly care. The institution aims to guide the mentees to be themselves and glowing, hence its name.

Glowing believes that every person is a beautiful human being; therefore, they are accepting, educating, and accompanying the mentees in finding their talent and potentialities, and helping them to be glowing.

In a recent interview with Hellokpop (HKP), Tasya revealed to us that Girls’ Generation and Jessica Jung are the inspirations that have kept her dancing.

HKP: Who is your favorite K-Pop artist? 

Tasya: Jessica Jung and Girls’ Generation.


HKP: From when did you start liking K-Pop?

Tasya: About two years ago.


HKP: How did you first learn about K-Pop?

Tasya: From television and magazines.


HKP: Please tell us your favorite songs!

Tasya: “The Boys”, “Lion Heart”, “Gee”, and “Mr. Taxi” by Girls’ Generation.


HKP: How often do you listen to those songs?

Tasya: Almost everyday.


HKP: What do you usually do while listening to those songs?

Tasya: While singing and dancing.


HKP: Last. If you can say something to Girls’ Generation, what will it be?

Girls' Generation

Girls’ Generation. // Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

Tasya: I hope that someday I can meet Girls’ Generation.


The interview above has been translated from Indonesian without changing its content.

The photos of Tasya have been used with permission from herself.

We would like to express our gratitude to Anastasia Retno Pudjiastuti, a mentor of Glowing (Indonesia), for making this interview possible.

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