Tiffany Young Talks About Music, Self-Care, And What She Loves About The Philippines

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Exuding a magnetic energy, Tiffany Young expressed all of the things that make her a positive influence for her Young Ones and SONEs alike.

Before she graced New Frontier Theater through her ‘Open Hearts Eve’ Part Two in Manila, Tiffany Young sat down for a press conference in the afternoon of January 24. Hosted by JC Tevez, the singer eloquently shared how she keeps up with the music scene, her inspirations, and how to nurture her mental well-being through the course of her career.

What she loves about the Philippines

Although she has not been able to go sightseeing due to her tight schedule, Tiffany expressed her gratitude to all of the Young Ones and SONEs making sure she does not miss out on the country’s culture.

“My fans are sweet enough to always put in all the new, hot, like, snacks from the Philippines and things like that,” she shares. “I get to experience and know a little more about this beautiful place every time I come to you, so thank you.”

Aside from her doting fans, Tiffany also shared how much she loved the weather in the country. “I’m a Cali girl at heart, I am a Leo, I was born in August, so I live for this weather,” she explains. “It’s beautiful and it just makes me want to dress up and be under the sun. So, I love—I live for this weather.”

How she’s grown as a person

When asked about her growth over the past five years, the singer put emphasis on her personal growth: “I have taken the time to really take responsibility, really be accountable, and you know—growing up.”

Tiffany also shared that being responsible includes going to therapy, eating right, and keeping a proper sleep schedule in order to ensure that she is willing and ready to work on new music. “I have to say, being a woman is probably, becoming a full-on responsible woman.”

Keeping up with K-Pop

Despite moving to Los Angeles, Tiffany shared how she keeps up with the newest K-Pop songs whenever she has time. One of the newest releases she liked the most was Zico’s “Any Song.” “Zico’s new song is amazing, and I just love that it’s all about being free and dancing, and just having fun.”

Aside from Zico, Tiffany also expressed how proud she was of her bandmate Taeyeon, especially for her new releases, and The UNSEEN concert series. “I’m so happy and proud of her new album.”

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Tiffany also shared how she has been keeping up with newer groups in the K-Pop scene, as she expressed her interest in ITZY. “We have a mutual friend, who is their choreographer,” she shared. “I love their dance routine, and I just love the energy they give off.”

Her favorite releases

Out of all of her releases, Tiffany’s top three favorites are “Run For Your Life,” “Magnetic Moon,” and “Born Again”. The singer shared that these songs allowed her to open up to her fans, and become more honest with herself.

“It was a time for me where I wanted to come full motion, while allowing both myself and my fans to open up a new layer about themselves,” she explains.

The importance of fashion

Aside from her music, Tiffany also talked about the role fashion holds in her life. “Fashion is such an important part of my expression of music and also myself,” she explained. “I’ve learned how to cope with body positivity through fashion, and fashion is a form of security and armor for me.”

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“I think, the more you know, the more you can really experiment and just rock out to whatever it is you’re feeling,” she added. When it comes to deciding her outfits, Tiffany shared how she gathers inspiration by looking at fabric, colors, and fashion designers she hopes to work with.

Her thoughts on 2019 and 2020

When asked to describe 2019 and 2020 in one word, Tiffany had this to say: “I was thinking 2019 was all about being fearless, and 2020 is about being brave.”

“Fearless is not knowing, just kind of going after it,” she further explains. “Being brave is willingly going for it, even though you know all of the things, and you’re kind of equipped. It’s making sure you’re educating yourself and grabbing all the knowledge you can before you do something.”

Self-care in her career

The energy she exudes on interviews, performances, and fan meetings comes from her efforts to take care of her mental well-being. “I think they [the fans] really relate to time and dedication into advocating for mental health, mental wellness, and self-care,” she explains.

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“For myself, to begin with, the energy that you give off, if you can make somebody feel better, and kindness goes so much further,” she shares. “I hope to do that, and I hope to spread prayers anytime I can. The goal for me in doing music is that I just want to make people happy. I just want to make fans happy.”

Aside from going to therapy and taking better care of herself, Tiffany also shares how she started a gratitude journal—which reminds her of the things she’s grateful for: “Music, amazing people, amazing fans. Just reminding yourself how lucky you war and finding something you’re grateful for every day.”

Hellokpop extends gratitude to CDM Entertainment for the media invite to the Philippine press conference of Tiffany Young ‘Open Hearts Eve’ Part Two in Manila.

Event covered by Angela Patricia Suacillo; Photos by Richard Esguerra

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