ToppDogg holds first overseas fan meet in Singapore

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Prior to the group’s recent comeback in Korea, ToppDogg held its first-ever overseas fan meet in Singapore!

The 13-membered boy group under Stardom Entertainment debuted on the 23rd of  October in 2013, and has already received love calls from various countries. In less than 3 months, ToppDogg made its way to Singapore, and was warmly received by Singapore’s ToppKlass (ToppDogg’s official fanclub name).

ToppDogg Fan Meet in Singapore was held on Sunday, on the 12th of January. Although the event was delayed for about an hour, the fans waited patiently for the boys to make their appearance.

After much anticipation, ToppDogg finally took to the stage and kicked off the fan meet with its debut song Say It. The crowd cheered wildly for the 13 members as they showcased their strong choreography.


The boys of ToppDogg then proceeded to introduce themselves one by one, revealing their individual charms and member Seogoong even introduced himself in Chinese! It was a pity that members Sangdo and A-tom did not have a chance to introduce themselves properly on a local television show, The Sheng Siong Show, the previous night due to time constraint, but the two members made up for it by introducing themselves charismatically at the fan meet.


When asked about how they felt about the fans in Singapore, leader P-Goon expressed his gratitude towards the love ToppDogg has received from a foreign land. He thanked the fans for attending the fan meet to support them, and he said he hopes to see the fans again the next time ToppDogg comes to Singapore!


It was the first time any of the members came to Singapore, and B-Joo remarked that Singapore is a very clean country, and also that the warm weather was welcoming since Korea was very cold. He also thanked the fans for warmly welcoming ToppDogg to Singapore.


One question that could never be missed out on was definitely the question about the food in Singapore! Kidoh replied that they’ve tried chilli crab, while Yano mentioned that they tried chicken rice too. Fans recommended them to try out other local delicacies such as laksa.


After the short Q&A session, Kidoh proceeded to perform his solo, Girl Like You. The sweet melody and Kidoh’s charming vocals definitely sent the ladies swooning!


Next was a segment where fans had a chance to play games with the members on stage. Four lucky fans were picked to play the game of charades. The teams were divided into Dorms A and B, as the 13-membered group lives spread out over two dorms back in Korea. Dorm A consisted of Kidoh, P-Goon, B-Joo, Hojoon, Seogoong, Xero and A-tom, while Dorm B consisted of Sangdo, Hansol, Nakta, Yano, Gohn and Jenissi. It was really entertaining as the members of ToppDogg displayed their goofy sides during the game. A-tom and Jenissi also impressed fans by making the guesses using English! Eventually, Dorm A won the game but all participants walked away with an autographed ToppDogg album, and it was clear that all of them enjoyed the game.


After a short break, the members were back on stage for a second game. This time, B-Joo and Xero were invited to demonstrate how to play a game. Players were supposed to paste post-its on each other, and each of them had to shake off the post-its without using their hands. The player whom had the least number of post-its left stuck to them wins. Two lucky fans were picked, and the fans in turn picked Kidoh and Yano respectively. For the first fan, Kidoh won the game but the second fan took the crowd by surprise as she managed to shake off all post-its even before the round ended! Both fans walked away with an autographed album too.

ToppDogg then left the stage once again for another break to prepare for its upcoming performances. A video featuring pre-debut photos of ToppDogg was played on the screen in the meantime.

As ToppKlass should already know, ToppDogg is divided into 4 “kingdoms”: Wizard (Hojoon, B-Joo, Hansol and Xero), Dragon (P-Goon and Sangdo), Knight (Kidoh, Nakta, A-tom), and Lion (Jenissi, Gohn, Seogoong and Yano). The members were grouped into the “kingdoms”based on their similarities.


The Wizards, being the main dancers in the group, prepared an awe-striking dance performance for fans. Each member showcased his individual charms through his solo dance segment. The four members also displayed their perfect coordination in their group dance segment.


The Wizards then left the stage, and the rest of the nine members returned to the stage, donning stylish suits, to perform Cigarette. This was the first time for ToppDogg to perform this song ‘live’, so Singaporean fans had the honour of being the first audience!


The nine members stayed on stage afterwards for another short Q&A session. When they were asked about the pros and cons of being in a massive 13-member group, P-Goon explained that it is an advantage that they will be able to show a lot of dynamics and variation in their music styles, whereas a disadvantage would be that they spend too much time eating and travelling to other places as a group. Kidoh also mentioned that having 13 members in the group meant that they will never be bored, but at the same time it is also a disadvantage because the members never stop talking.


Regarding their plans and hopes for the future, P-Goon stated that they will be promoting in units, but will also focus on the promotions for Open The Door, which is the title track of their second mini album, Arario. Kidoh revealed that he wishes to film a commercial in Singapore, and Yano even declared that he wants to release and promote his own solo album in Singapore, causing much commotion!

As the fan meet was coming to an end, the Wizards returned on stage, dressed in similar stylish suits, after the Q&A session, and the 13 members performed Cute Girl, a song off their first mini album.


The boys left the stage afterwards, but returned shortly after for their encore performance of Say It, where the boys just had fun. A high-five session, autograph session and photo session followed at the end of the fan meet.

Special thanks to East Entertainment for the media invite.

Check out more photos below:

Event coverage and photos by Joyce at hellokpop.

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