When HIGH4 Meet HIGH5s In Malaysia, It’s More Than Just High Five

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It was a beautiful Saturday on September 5, but what made it even more beautiful and memorable to HIGH5s, was when HIGH4 members, Alex, Myunghan, Sunggu and Youngjun appeared right in front of the eyes of them at The Summit USJ for its second stop of promotional tour in Malaysia!


The HIGH4 members came on the stage dressed in seemingly simple-looking black suits, however if you are lucky enough to be close to them, one will be able to notice small interesting design details like tiny bit of bling stones and silver flakes to put the whole outfit together.

Without further ado, the boys kicked off the showcase with their third Korean single Day by Day, followed with two up-beat tracks blended in charismatic and seductive choreography, Baby Boy and Headache, to heat up the stage. Aroused by the live performances, HIGH5s couldn’t sit still and showed their support as loud as they can by cheering with fan chants and whatever they could scream their lungs out.

After three consecutive songs, the idols finally stopped to catch their breath, and greeted everyone. They expressed their gratitude towards fans for coming out to see them, and were really happy to visit Malaysia and meet the fans here. It was revealed that there were fans from neighboring country Singapore and even further from Japan too.

High5s’ long-awaited session was finally here – game. The boys came down the stage and personally chose a lucky fan each, and the latter would go in pair with each member to play charade. The members went all out and put in their best efforts to act out every word well. Through this game, fans were given a further treat to witness what their idols are also capable of; Youngjun dancing to EXID‘s Up and Down, with Alex singing to Wonder Girls’ Tell Me.

When asked about their individual special talent, Alex and Myunghan had an impromptu beat box battle which earned loud cheers. Fans also cheered and suggested Sunggu and Youngjun to have an aegyo battle. Alex and Myunghan then also joined the game to flaunt their cuteness.

During their first stop of the showcase on September 4 at Seremban Prima, the artists performed a cover of Jason Mraz‘s I’m Yours. At the second stop, they prepared another song, which was With You by Chris Brown. Such talented singers, aren’t they?

Before finally moving on to fan signing and photograph sessions with fans, they took the stage once more with their debut track Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms, which featured solo singer IU. Although IU was absent, the fans sang along and filled in her part perfectly.

The four boys have different and unique abilities awaiting to show to their fans, which can be identified as an analogy to their outfits on that day. They are the bling stones and silver flakes to each other, yet despite the differences, they come together to form a perfect HIGH4 for their love of music. The differences and uniqueness are what it completes the name of HIGH4.


Special thanks to New Pro Star for the media invite.

(Event covered and photographs by Seck Voon, Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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