13 Times When BTS’ Jin Was Best-Dressed

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On top of his own brand of handsomeness, BTS’ Jin has a fashion sense that rises to the occasion to make him one of the best-dressed idols at the party.

BTS’ Jin isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it. From declaring his self-love and nicknaming himself Worldwide Handsome all the way to being fearlessly funny, Jin is an icon in many ways.

His unfiltered and quirky demeanor shines through in nearly everything he shows in front of the camera; and his sense of fashion is no exception.

He rocks baseball caps. He reinvented the ripped jeans trend. He wears pink proudly.

He dons hilarious glasses and hairbands. He refuses to cut tags off some of his clothing.

He’s Kim Seokjin, and these are 13 occasions when he was dressed to impress express. Whether clad in a sleek suit or cute RJ pajamas, Bangtan‘s official visual is always ready to turn the world into his runway.

#1 Jin Being the Main Character in You Quiz On the Block 

BTS Jin You Quiz On The Block

Image from Big Hit Music

BTS appeared on You Quiz on the Block during the talk show’s 99th episode on March 24, 2021. The group talked about their career, challenges, family; and even met a very enthusiastic ARMY who performed an even more enthusiastic dance number.

While all the members looked dapper in their beautiful outfits, it was Jin who was turned into a plethora of GIFs and memes for his stunning visuals on the show. Top it off with his plain white tee and light wash jean jacket over a basic pair of black slacks, and you have a recipe for laidback yet cool fashion.

Oh, and of course, this ensemble would not be complete without those pink earmuffs.

#2 Jin Unlocking His Fierce Side in the MV for “On”


Image from Big Hit Music

We need to talk about Jin’s duality, because he can go from wearing an RJ doll on his head (Watch snippets from BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage – L.A. concert for reference) to turning his fierce mode on for music videos like “On”. Clad in a hybrid denim and leather jacket, black zipper-peppered cargo pants, and raven & white sneakers, this legendary outfit complements his complexion and his hair that’s black as night.

#3 Jin Versus the Oversized Glasses

BTS Jin in large glasses

Image from Big Hit Music

An integral part of Jin’s innovative charisma is his playful side. This idol is known for showing his heart to ARMY, and he does that by literally cutting out red paper hearts to flaunt during concerts. On other occasions, he wears his heart as eyewear; just like on this photo!

We’re simply amazed by the fact that those colossal heart-shaped glasses didn’t hurt his classy outfit one bit. If anything, they made it even better! Take note, fashionistas.

#4 Jin, the Royal


Image from Big Hit Music

We’re almost certain that Seokjinnies would agree that their bias looks great in a mono-block black look. Add in some gold scallops and large buttons to achieve a princely aesthetic that Jin carries with WWH grace.

#5 The Little Prince


Screen Capture from Big Hit Music

This ethereal outfit keeps the prince-like theme rolling. During BTS’ Map of the Soul ON:E digital concert in 2020, Jin showed up on stage in a pure white outfit while he serenaded viewers with his hit solo single, “Moon”.

Atop a moon floating in the galaxy, surrounded by roses, and flanked by dancers wearing fox masks, Jin’s Little Prince stage was a dream come true.

#6 Jin in powder blue dreams

BTS Jin Seasons Greetings

Image from Big Hit Music

This summery photo came straight from BTS’ Seasons Greetings 2022 collection.

Powder blue is a color that represents a clear sky, soft cotton candy, and gentle invigorating waters. Incorporate the color on a suit, pair it with white sneakers, put it on Kim Seokjin, and you have a runway-ready outfit that can go from work to play any time of the day.

#7 Jin in the “I Need U” Era

BTS Jin I Need U

Image from Big Hit Music

BTS’ “I Need U” era was defined by the notion of staying forever young and rebelling against the status quo. It was also the era wherein Jin flaunted this perfect newspaper-inspired biker jacket. Judging by the way Jin is chilling on top of a container with his skateboard, he knows how cool his jacket looks.

We all deserve a jacket like this one. (BRB, Googling where to buy one.)

#8 Jin Doesn’t Need Permission To Dance

BTS Jin Permission To Dance

Image from Big Hit Music

BTS doesn’t ever need permission to dance, because they have an unlimited free pass to showcase their moves whenever they want. Also, Jin doesn’t need permission to rock a pair of leather pants with a matching white button-down shirt.

(Shoutout to J-Hope in the back!)

#9 Jin in the SOWOOZOO


Image from Big Hit Music

This may seem like regular white sports gear that Jin wore during their SOWOOZOO (Mikrokosmos) Muster in 2021; but when you focus on his choice of headwear, you will understand how accessories can make or break an outfit.

And this white headband MAKES this outfit.

#10 Jin, the Other Gucci Boy


Image from Big Hit Music

ARMY fondly calls V “Gucci Boy”, and there’s no lie detected. V is rarely caught not wearing Gucci. However, when you see Jin donning this Gucci jacket, you might think of him as Gucci Boy 2. #WorldWideJacket

#11 Jin in a Huggable Sweater


Image from Big Hit Music

Admit it, you want to hug this sweater.

#12 Fake Love, Real Fashion


The members of BTS went dark and studded for their “Fake Love” performances, and dare we say that they all looked notoriously good.

Jin may have been singing about “Fake Love”, but the fashion king vibes that he radiates with this leather harness are 100% real.

#13 Dionysus


Image by ALB

“Dionysus” is a powerful song, and the regal ensemble that Jin wears while performing it at the Melon Music Awards back in 2019 does it justice.

Source: Big Hit Music