4Minute Flaunts Mature Charm For ‘Grazia’

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4Minute’s latest pictorial for the February issue of Grazia magazine has been revealed, ahead of the group’s comeback with a new album Act.7.

In the pictorial, the idols flaunt their appealing and mature charms against a simple background.

They also sat down for a candid interview. Reminding the 8 year-long career since debut, they shared:

First, a big part of us is really proud. We say this among ourselves a lot. That it′s incredible we′ve come this far without any major incidents or controversies. When we first came out, we played up the fact that all of the members were born in the 90s, but now kids born in the 2000s are debuting. When we go on music shows, 4Minute is often the most senior group.

When asked how to face up with the difficulties related to rumors around the group, So Hyun shared that there was a sense of trust among the members that helped them overcome any trouble and challenges.

For the new album, the girls revealed their ambition to release a perfect product that will make fans satisfied. Ji Yoon said: “I wonder if it’s time now that we heard ‘You′ve shed the idol title. You look like artists now’.”

Check out the making video for 4Minute’s photo shoot below:

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