5 Times SHINee’s Taemin Flaunted His Stellar Style

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The Idol’s Idol just turned 28 this month, so it’s only fitting that we celebrate it with 5 of his most stylish outfits. Happy birthday, Lee Taemin!

Ever since SHINee debuted in 2008, they’ve been serving one voguish look after the other. The “SHINee Trend” never really faded, you know. Shining the spotlight on their maknae for his birthmonth, we’re here to give you five of our favorite Taemin looks.

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Image From SM Entertainment

Lee Taemin’s fashion sense is always on point. He never fails to make any outfit look runway worthy, so you can imagine how challenging it was to put together a list of five items only, Shawols!

The Idol’s Idol may have taken a temporary bow from the K-Pop spotlight to fulfill his mandatory military service for the coming two years or so, but Shawols have no reason to fret, because we have a treasure trove of music to replay and an extensive collection of fashionable Taemin moments to look at until he returns.

Clear the runway, please, because Taemin is about to sashay down it like the supermodel that he is.

  1. Criminal


Image From SM Entertainment

Let’s kick off this list with something that will make every fashionista’s heart skip a beat. We cannot get enough of this black and white ensemble with a matching eye patch.

Taemin is a criminal, indeed. A smooth criminal who is guilty of dressing like a style king. Arrest him, officer.

2. Think Of You


Image From SM Entertainment

Unleashing your personal style is always a must, but when you’re in the Fashion Capital of the World, it’s mandatory.

Taemin took over the rues of Paris for his sweet “Think Of You” music video. Watching him play, dance, and explore the elegant European city will give you an instant serotonin boost.

3. 2nd Concert


Image From SM Entertainment

Drawing an audience of more than 30,000 Shawols, Taemin’s 2nd concert in Japan was a massive success. Entering the year 2020 with a shiny bang, the singer captivated audiences with 25 powerful song numbers all performed in true Taemin style. 

Aside from belting out his hit songs, Taemin also served looks, just like this black, white, and ruffle combo that brought out his inner prince.

4. Never Gonna Dance Again


Image From SM Entertainment

“Never Gonna Dance Again” is Taemin’s 3rd studio album. Sending fans into a voguish spiral, the singer launched a fleet of teaser photos that radiated his fashion king persona. Take this distressed captain ensemble, for instance. It’s raw, it’s edgy, it’s cool. it’s unique. It’s Taemin.

5. 2 Kids


Image From SM Entertainment

Taemin turned Paris into his own personal playground while clad in a pair of graphic newspaper print pants, a yellow tee, a leather jacket (which he throws on later in the MV), and classic high top Converse.

When you combine Taemin and Paris, you get the aesthetically-pleasing music video for, “2 Kids”.

Happy birthday, Taemin! Here’s to more stylish moments once you return from the army!

Source: SM Entertainment