Ace Bed releases new photo of SNSD

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Ace Bed has unveiled a new promotional picture featuring SNSD, their most recent endorsement models. The members don exquisite dresses, gold heels, and white hair accessories.

From the left, Sunny wears a short light gold dress matching her blonde hair, Jessica sports a long and sleeveless indigo dress, and Seohyun wears a long blue dress. In the middle, Sooyoung dons a short purple and white dress that accentuates her long legs, Yuri wears a strapless red dress, and Yoona wears a strapless dress with ruffles. To the right, Taeyeon dons a short white and purple-printed dress, Tiffany wears a sunflower gold dress, and Hyoyeon sports a strapless purple violet dress with an inner criss-cross detailing.

A representative from Plan W shared their intentions for signing with SNSD. They said, “In order for a brand to revitalize itself and to raise its awareness beyond just a moderate level, it is best to make a new leap when the brand’s value is at its peak. This helps ensure a lead brand’s efforts for change doesn’t just settle but helps it to become the strategy for future success.”

Several netizens comment on Ace Bed’s latest advertisement and believe that the members of SNSD are fit to be bridesmaids for different weddings.

What do you think of the girls’ latest photo?

Sources (News & Photo): enewsWorld

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