Ahn Sohee is Flawless for Shu Uemura

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Former Wonder Girls member Sohee’s gorgeous photos modeling for the Japanese cosmetic brand Shu Uemura have been unveiled.

Previously, Sohee was chosen as Shu Uemura’s model. In this photoshoot, she looks amazing for the brand. Her flawless bright skin fits the lipsticks and makeup perfectly.

sohee 20150119 - Sohee is flawless for SHU UEMURA

In one photo, the idol is seen, dressed in black outfit with blooming rose lipstick on, posing charismatically with her red hot lips and alluring eyes. The other photo shows the singer-turned-actress’ transformation; from a charming mature woman into an innocent and adorable girl with pure make up and naturally tangled hair.

Sohee’s modeling photos will be released on Shu Uemura’s official Facebook page soon.

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