Apink’s Chorong, Namjoo & Bomi Are Flashy Retro Queens In DAZED Korea’s June Issue

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Apink members Chorong, Namjoo and Bomi painted the pages of DAZED Korea  with their glamorous charms!

DAZED Korea’s June issue will be featuring K-Pop girl group Apink as flamboyant retro queens. The fashion magazine released preview photos of the girls which accentuated their charms as mature idols.

Apink DAZED Korea

Apink members celebrated their vibrant 10-year journey as idols with DAZED Korea under the “retro” concept. Its first unit photo shoot features members Chorong, Namjoo and Bomi.

The girls reinterpreted the 70s and 80s look into a 21st century style which features bold colors and sweet charms. From head to toe, the members are all looking gorgeous with their retro fashion.

The members completed a prismatic fashion pictorial and perfectly racking up the primary color look with a modern refined style.

Staffs from the pictorial site revealed that the members showed their professional side as 10-year idols by being fancy-free and pleasantly expressing their individuality.

Recently, Apink successfully topped major music charts with their latest promoting track “Dumhdurum”. The song was from Apink’s ninth mini-album LOOK which they released in April. The group also achieved a grand slam of eight awards in music shows during their promotion period.

Chorong will soon make her first-ever big screen debut in June with the movie Bad Family.

Meanwhile, Bomi works actively as a YouTube vlogger and presents various contents including food, beauty tips, travels and diary.

Namjoo is showing off her strong presence in various fields, including her role as an entertainment MC.

The preview photos of their retro-themed pictorial are now on DAZED Korea’s official website, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

More photos and the close-up interview featuring members Chorong, Namjoo and Bomi will be available soon on DAZED Korea’s June issue.

Source: Xportsnews

Images From: DAZED Korea