K-Photo Reel: ASTRO’s Yoon Sanha Heats Up The Scene With Chic Pictorial For 1st Look’s April 2020 Issue

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The grown-up charms of ASTRO’s youngest member Sanha keeps on shining for every charismatic pictorial he takes!

ASTRO’s Yoon Sanha made fans do a double take as he displayed a bolder side of him in his latest photoshoot with 1st Look for their April 2020 issue!

astro yoon sanha

Further proving that he has grown from a boy to a man, the youngest ASTRO member pushed his cute charms to the side and played on a lethal, more provocative image for the meantime on his latest fashion magazine project.

From leather outfits, see-through tops, and the all-black clothes, the bolder style that the ASTRO member challenged himself to pull off gave him a different look from his usual innocent and happy virus image.

Thanks to this, plus his visuals that continue to get more captivating as he gets older, fans were left gasping for air as they browsed through the singer’s newest photos.

Although he was shy at first about the more matured concept he was taking for the first time, the idol quickly and eventually eased into the photoshoot and flawlessly pulled it off like a true model.

“It was nice to be bold and challenge different kinds of poses this time. I want to work out harder too so that I can try more various concepts. When more time passes, I also want to do a more intense photoshoot,” Sanha said in the preview of his interview with the magazine.

On March 17, 1st Look also released a black-and-white fashion film starring the ASTRO member who, once again, looked effortlessly captivating and breathtaking.

Meanwhile, more photos and interview featuring ASTRO’s Yoon Sanha will be available on 1st Look’s April 2020 issue.

Source: Newsen


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