Bambam Flaunts Ethereal Visuals In Dazed Korea Interview Pictorial

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Talented soloist Bambam is indeed a sight to behold in his latest remarkable feature with famous magazine Dazed Korea!

Versatile soloist Bambam displays a soft and charming appeal in his recent laid-back photoshoot with Dazed Korea.


Sporting various unconventional and stylish outfits, the sophisticated idol quickly made many heads turn with his chic appearance together with his cool looks.

Shot against both outdoor and chill indoor settings, the artist nailed the pictorial concept with his stern yet lovely gaze and friendly aura. Moreover, Bambam would surely catch spectators’ hearts and attention with his admirable physique and sleek poise.

His rugged space suit that he wore during one of the layouts brought a unique touch to the overall atmosphere of the shoot. Flaunting his amazing facial features, Bambam unleashed his warm image that contrasts to what he has been showing on stage. 

Although he is not showing any kind of extravagant and unique poses, the idol still delivered great results that fans would surely love and appreciate. The shot wherein he is in bed sitting in a very relaxed manner with a big sweatshirt and jeans on really stood out because of its candidness. 


In an accompanying interview, Bambam shared his thoughts regarding his recent solo venture particularly his debut with EP RiBBon. The album immediately rose to the charts immediately after its release, proving the idol’s immense popularity and influence.

The idol admitted that the album-making process was tedious. Despite the difficulties he faced, he still had fun. He added that he took his debut as an opportunity to show his true colors. 

“There was a wall in front of me for 7 years, now it’s gone I can sing that I always wanted to do but couldn’t. There were some difficulties while recording in that style, but if I try one by one, my skills will be upgraded I think.”

When asked regarding his future plans as a solo singer, Bambam stated, “Rather than thinking too deeply about it, I hope you can see my performance and see my self upgrade & I hope my performance will be fun, exciting, and energetic. That’s all for me. That’s the least I can do. I’ve always felt the same way for the past 7 years. Of course, you have to do well but let’s have fun.”

Fans can know more about Bambam’s exciting interview and see more glamorous photos by buying the July edition of Dazed Korea as well as visiting its website and SNS channels.

Meanwhile, Bambam will continue to promote “RiBBon” on various music shows in South Korea.

Source: Newsen and Dazed Korea

Photos from Dazed Korea