CéCi releases more images of BEAST, Miss A, and ZE:A

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CéCi has updated fans with more spreads from their celebratory October issue, featuring the members of bands including BEAST, Miss A, and ZE:A.

Each pictorial provides a different concept and each band are distinguished from each other. The pictorial of BEAST displays black and saturated blue images that feature the members in casual and semi-formal outfits. They do not smile for the camera, but release charismatic charm and confused stares instead.

On the other hand, Miss A is in the mood to celebrate CéCi’s occasion by wearing vibrant skirts that are perfect for parties. They pose with the usual party items: balloons, champagne and wine glasses, cake, and healthy vitamin water.

Last but not least, the members of ZE:A wear either brown, black, or velvet suits and jean tops. They smile joyfully towards the camera and maintain their model stances.

Take a look at the pictorial below:

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