Chae Si Ra, Park Si Yeon, and Kim Jung Eun for InStyle Korea

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Actresses Chae Si Ra, Park Si Yeon, and Kim Jung Eun have joined together to participate in a J.ESTINA winter pictorial for InStyle Korea.

Chae Si Ra is seen wearing a classy white dress with one cut-off sleeve and one long sleeve. Her appearance is completed with cherry red lipstick, a black pearlescent necklace with silver flower outlines and matching earrings, bracelet, and ring. Park Si Yeon wears a contrasting outfit in comparison to Chae as she dons a black dress with gold outlines and black tights. She poses with a matching J.ESTINA bag with gold studs. Last but not least, Kim Jung Eung has an innocent appearance and is seen wearing a red rose dress with a blue-black belt, delicate lace gloves, and red heels. A jacket hangs off of one shoulder and she holds a black bag with black, gold, and red studs.

Check out the photos below:

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