Elle Korea unveils images of Han Ji Min

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Elle Korea recently unveiled a pictorial entitled Born To Be A Good Girl featuring actress Han Ji Min. The actress has fair skin and is seen wearing different white outfits to evince a pure and innocent appearance that is fitting to the spread’s concept.

For the first photo, Elle Korea notes that Han uses Danahan Ecopure moisturizing cream, Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen concealer, foundation by Jenny House, and Nars lip pencil. In addition to the cosmetics, Han is seen wearing an APC X Vanessa Seward collaborative dress. In the second photo, the actress wears a white peasant blouse and white jeans both from H&M.

The third pictorial image only displays Han’s complexions with a number of her recommended cosmetics. In the photo, she uses Bobbi Brown smokey eye makeup, Estee Lauder eyeliner, MAC lip gloss, and Nars velvet lip pencil. Han’s beauty tips include the use of Danahan’s Anti Wrinkle product, Jenny House fitting base foundation, Happy Bath Deep Nature body cream, Danahan Intensive Moisturizing Cream, and Creed Millesime Imperial perfume.

For the last, but not least image, Han uses a Dior eyebrow pencil and Shu Eumura lipstick. She is seen wearing a white Steve & Yoni P doll dress and Noemi Klein x Steve & Yoni P collaborative headgear.

Take a look at Elle Korea’s pictorial featuring Han Ji Min below:

Source: (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via Elle Korea

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