ENHYPEN Collaborates With Balenciaga In 1st Cover Photoshoot With Dazed Korea

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ENHYPEN poses for the cover of Dazed Korea for the very first time!

Rookie boy group ENHYPEN has recently graced the cover of Dazed Korea for its February 2021 issue, in collaboration with global fashion brand Balenciaga.

Earlier this week,  the fashion magazine released the stunning photos of the K-pop septet. Donning Balenciaga’s 2021 summer collection, Heesung, Jay, Sunghoon, Jake, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki looked relaxed as they posed elegantly during the pictorial.

The group also gamely talked about their very first Korean magazine cover photoshoot experience. “I’ve seen many previous Dazed pictorials. It’s also great that we had the opportunity to work with the global brand Balenciaga. Our members really like this brand. This experience is both challenging and exciting,” Jay said.

Although a bit unfamiliar with fashion, ENHYPEN’s eldest member, Heesung, shared his delight to participate in the collaboration. “It’s an honor for us to film with such prominent people in just a month after our debut. I still can’t fully feel just how big of a deal this is,” he revealed.

Jungwon, the leader of the group, revealed that all of them share the same thoughts that they did not achieve the awards, great results, and love solely due to their hard work. He said, “More than anything, thanks to our fans and our agency staff doing their best to create the best of both worlds is why I think we are able to be where we are today.”

Fans can see other captivating photos of ENHYPEN and know more about their interview in the February 2021 issue of Dazed Korea.

Source: Dazed Korea