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The spotlight is on f(x)‘s Sulli in the September issue of CéCi magazine. Sulli is seen wearing elegant ensembles that transform her into a glamorous and lovely young adult.

In the first image, Sulli dons a flower detail dress by Son Jung Wan Collection, a decorative necklace and bracelet from Monday Edition, white pumps from Push Button, and earrings from the stylist’s collection. Next, she is seen clad in a pearl collar polkadot dress by Moschino, a sequin wedding veil from Lilia, and yellow earrings and pastel gloves from the stylist’s collection.For the third image, Sulli sports a puffy blouse from Grange Yard, a red fringe skirt by Moschino, stocking by Sockstop, and silver strap pumps from Push Button. A pair of gray high heels from Repetto, silver satin shoes by Miu Miu, and multi-colored heels by Kumkang Shoes are seen next to Sulli. A fourth image features Sulli wearing a decorative blouse from Andy & Debb, an elegant wedding dress by Lilia, and a bracelet from Monday Edition.

Sulli is then seen wearing a beautiful black lace detail dress by Jain Song, and lace wedding gloves by Lilia. A  sixth image features Sulli donning a yellow turtle neck sweater by Push Button, a black lace skirt by Repetto, and a decorative blue clutch from Lovcat. For the seventh image, Sulli is seen clad in a red ‘B’ knit sweater in Beaker, a decorative skirt from Steve J & Yoni P, a necklace from Banzzac, and earrings from the stylist’s collection. The final eight pictorial image displays a set of behind-the-scenes photos.

Check out Sulli’s pictorial for CéCi magazine’s September issue below.

Source (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via CéCi


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