G-Dragon and Kim Sung Hee are street musicians for Vogue Korea

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G-Dragon‘s second pictorial for Vogue Korea differs much from his first as it presents a grubby setting. The pictorial is entitled Street to Street and G-Dragon fulfils the image of a grunge marionette street musician with Kim Sung Hee.

For the first image of Street to Street, G-Dragon dons a rider jacket with black fur by Saint Laurent, a check skirt by Comme des Garçons, and a white t-shirt by Rick Owens. Next, he sports a sweater, knit gloves, and brooch by Chanel, check jacket and trench coat by John Lawrence Sullivan, patchwork denim pants by Blackmeans, walker boots by Ann Demeulemeester, and a fur muffler by Michael Kors. Kim is seen wearing a tartan top by Pushbutton, overalls by Jardin de Chouette, full patchwork skirt by Comme des Garçons, gray pants by Céline, walker boots by Saint Laurent, fur coat by Studio K, a scarf from Hermès, mini bangles by Fendi, and a brooch from Chanel.

A third image displays Kim wearing a check shirt and star pattern knit cardigan, and long muffler from Saint Laurent, green knit and dust pink overalls from Jardin de Chouette, a cobalt blue mink and white mini bag by Chanel, striped socks by Miu Miu, check shoes by Prada, and hip sack by Bottega Veneta. For the fourth image, G-Dragon is seen sporting a bomber coat by Balmain, olive green leather coat and lace shirt by Chanel, ripped jeans by Saint Laurent, and walker boots by Ann Demeulmeester. Kim is seen wearing a dot shirt and coat by Moschino, a khaki coat by Burberry, a check cardigan, tweed bangle, and pearl bangle all by Chanel, black pants from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, striped socks by Miu Miu, and walker boots from Saint Laurent.

For the fifth image, G-Dragon dons a torn beaded denim blazer from Saint Laurent, a black sleeveless top by Tom Ford, and a frilled skirt and check coat belt by Chanel. Kim is seen wearing a check skirt by Tommy Hilfiger, black knit cardigan from prada, striped stockings and clunky shoes by Miu Miu, a white tutu skirt by Laviver, knit beanie by Jardin de Chouette, and hat, tartan knit socks, and brooch from Chanel. A sixth image displays G-Dragon wearing a leather hooded jumper, socks, and necklace from Chanel, knit jackets from Saint Laurent, leather pants and tie from Comme des Garçons, a check beanie by Pushbutton, and shoes by Balmain. Kim dons an olive suede bra from Loewe, a black and white fur coat,  sequin grunge floral print skirt, and long boots all from Tom Ford, a black see-through skirt by Francesco Scognamiglio from 1423naivewater, and velvet chocker and hairpins from Chanel.

A seventh image displays G-Dragon wearing a white t-shirt and striped pants by Blackmeans, a pearl decorated belt from Chanel, black boots by Ann Demeulemeester, a purple knit beanie and a beige fleece coat. Next, Kim sports shirt and pants by Comme des Garçons, a denim jacket by Tommy Hilfiger, a check coat by Jardin de Chouette, black pleated skirt by Marni, quilt pattern socks by Chanel, a fleece snood by Donna Karan, scarf by Versace at La Vetrina, and silver rings from Covernat. Last but not least, G-Dragon and Kim are seen all decked out in Chanel. G-Dragon dons an oversized shawl, check pattern pants, knee socks, and bangles, while Kim is seen with a check tweed jacket, pleated pants, tweed and chain bag, knit gloves, argyle socks, boots, and hats.

Take a look at G-Dragon and Kim Sung Hee’s pictorial for Vogue Korea below.

Source (News & Photos) – Vogue Korea

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