GFRIEND Fancies Wholesome Beauty In The Cover Of Oh Boy! Magazine’s June Issue

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Oh Boy! Magazine will be featuring GFRIEND as the magazine cover artist for its June Issue!

As summer bursts in, GFRIEND takes over the cover of Oh Boy! Magazine and delights its patrons with the members’ cheery vibe. Hinting what the pictorial is all about, GFRIEND dons graphic tees in line with the magazine’s campaign and goals.

With the girl group as its cover artist, Oh Boy! Magazine will be releasing its 104th issue with the theme “PLASTIC PLANET”.

The culture, earth and fashion magazine presents interesting articles and facts about plastics that threaten humanity, animals, and Earth’s future. It also contains topics about Mother Nature, animal rights, and wise consumption while featuring celebrities at the same time.

In the preview photos released, GFRIEND revitalized with their pristine beauty and created a lovely and pleasant atmosphere through refreshing expressions and smiles.

The members then gave their own interpretations of an urbane refinement through prairie chic style pieces for their individual photoshoot.

Eunha emphasized her angelic image through a pure white dress tinged with a modest lilac abstract print perfectly suiting her blonde hair. Meanwhile, Yuju doubled her lovely charms with a retro-inspired look through a colorful graphic-geo patterned puff-sleeved dress, vintage round specs, and camera. Moreover, SinB showed a charismatic look in a stylish matching outfit with a big bow tie – all while wearing a confident pose.

The three members; Sowon, Yerin and Umji then showed off infinite charms through a parade of chic cosmopolitan styles.

Sowon displayed a vogue look with the formal coral set-up suit while giving a laid-back aura and contemplative looks. Additionally, Yerin perfectly managed an urban charisma with her chic fashion, associating the skinned-toned inner ensemble with a striped mod suit. And lastly, Umji presented her feminine charms with a lovely styling through a blue cardigan outfit matching an indigo pleated skirt.

The group appeared in the magazine last 2016 as well. Through the June 2020 issue, GFRIEND delivered glamorous charm to its readers while imparting a timely and meaningful message for animal protection.

Check out more photos and the full interview featuring GFRIEND in Oh Boy! Magazine’s June 2020 issue. The magazine can be purchased online through Naver smart store on May 28.

Source: Herald Pop

Images Source: Oh Boy! Magazine

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