GOT7’s JB Displays The True Definition Of Coolness In Nylon Korea’s June 2020 Issue

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GOT7’s JB made everyone marvel at his cool and chic charisma as he dominated the cover of Nylon Korea!

GOT7’s JB captured the true meaning of “coolness” not just with his poses but also with his personality which colored the cover of Nylon Korea’s June 2020 issue.

got7 jb

Posing under the theme of neutral colors, the GOT7 leader painted the cover of the esteemed fashion magazine’s newest issue with his captivating charms.

JB also stylishly donned outfits and accessories such as bold jewelry and sleeveless shirts perfect for the early summer season. His charms were even more maximized as well in his photos filmed in a bathtub which displayed an underwater theme.

It was also shared that the GOT7 member drew praises from the staff during the photoshoot as he perfectly posed for the cameras without showing any signs of difficulty.

got7 jb

On the pictorial’s accompanying interview, JB also talked about his personality. After his seemingly free-spirited attitude—save for very strict standards in some areas such as discipline—was pointed out, the idol said, “I always draw my own line. If I, my friends, and my members cross that line I set, I tend to calmly tell them not to do that.”

JB was also asked if there were any difficulties that GOT7 experienced in terms of coordinating between the members due to the team being composed of multinational members.

“There has never been a problem with language barriers because the members were good at Korean. When we try to reach a consensus, we always ask, “Yeah, what do you want to do about this?” and we always decide based on the majority. It’s the simplest and fairest way,” he said.

got7 jb

JB also shared his definition of “coolness”, which anyone can easily see in his attitude. “You can hear your problems and say, “I see that”. I think a cool attitude is being able to think about things once more, even if you can’t fix it right away, and then discuss it and be able to apologize,” he said.

got7 jb

Meanwhile, the rest of the photos and interviews featuring GOT7’s JB will be released in the June 2020 issue of Nylon Korea. Additionally, his fashion films will be revealed on Nylon TV.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos from Nylon Korea