Han Hyo Joo Graces the Cover of Grazia

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Actress Han Hyo Joo shows off her pure beauty on the cover of fashion magazine Grazia’s second April issue.

On the cover, Han Hyo Joo is donning a slim-fitted suit. She captivates fans with her flawless skin and brown eye shading.

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In another released photo, the star looks chic in a beige cardigan, combined with a square-patterned pencil skirt, flaunting her feminine yet elegant beauty.

After the photo shoot, the actress sat down for an interview, where she opened up about her acting style and her character in the movie titled Love, Lies, which will hit theatres on April 13.  In the historical drama, Han takes the role of a female entertainer (gisaeng in Korean), who aspires to become a popular singer during the Japanese colonial period of Korea (1910-1945).

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