Han Ji Hye presents wavy hair styles for High Cut magazine

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Volume 97 of High Cut magazine will include a pictorial featuring Han Ji Hye sporting voluminous hairstyles. The spreads exhibit the actress with three wavy and curly styles that reflect the breezy Spring season.

The first image is titled as Abundant Wave and Han is seen with hair, rich in color and overflowing with waves and curls. Her eyelids have a glimmering pink tint and her lips are colored with a light shade of pink.

The second hairstyle Han sports is called Baby Perm Wave. She has luscious curls styled with mousse, raised to shorten the length of her hair,  as well as to make it appear thicker. She wears silver eye shadow make-up and light pink lip make-up.

Last but not least, Han exhibits a Soft Wave hairstyle. The loose ripples of her hairstyle produce a calm and elegant atmosphere. Han is seen with light orange eye make-up, and light red lip make-up.

Take a look at Han Ji Hye’s pictorial for High Cut magazine below:

Sources: Couch Kimchi via High Cut

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