Han So Hee Is A Fascinating Beauty In The Photoshoot Of Grazia + Talks About Her Current Drama

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Han So Hee gets featured in the May issue of Grazia magazine.

Han So Hee is on a roll with her current projects. She has been one of the most talked about celebrities recently because of her performance in the popular jTBC drama, The World of the Married.

Han So Hee

The actress was selected to feature in the pictorial of the May issue of Grazia where she also gave an interview about herself and her thoughts on the drama.

The pictorial, titled To be curious, emphasizes Han So Hee’s mysterious and seductive beauty. It contains the natural and pure charm of Han So Hee, unlike her character in the drama, who displays an anxious and precarious appearance.

Han So Hee

The staff from the photoshoot said that Han So Hee’s pretty face brightly lit in all the shots. She finished the dazzling pictorial scene with various poses and expressions at every cut.

In an interview with Grazia, Han So Hee talked about herself and her current drama. When asked what kind of person Han So Hee is in the drama, she said “Da Kyung is a bit reserved, but I am more extroverted. I like to talk to people, and I tend to get close to people I don’t know. And while Da Kyung is an emotional person, I am the type who can make rational judgements. I am not so reckless.”

Han So Hee

In addition to that, when asked what kind of role the actress would like to play in the future, she said “I have watched Kim Hee Ae’s previous works and seen her acting up close in The World of the Married. After seeing her, I have come to think that I want to be like her. The roles played by Kim Hee Ae are mostly of women who lead the story, and I want to play such kind of characters too.”

Han So Hee’s alluring pictorial and interview can be found in the May issue of Grazia magazine, which will be released on April 20.

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Images Credit: Grazia