Han Ye Seul for High Cut

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Volume 103 of High Cut magazine features dazzling pictorial spreads of actress Han Ye Seul wearing Dubot Didier jewelry. In each image, Han has a particular glow that brightens her skin tone.

In the first image, Han dons a pink Nina Ricci dress while wearing a pink Dubot Didier sapphire and moonstone ring set and a diamond, ruby, and pearl set on her left hand and a set with sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, as well as two thin bracelets on her right hand. The second image displays the actress wearing a unique turquoise bead and pearl necklace, as well as a Dubot Didier Saint Tropez thread bracelet. Han dons a striped shirt from Saint James, white shorts from LEWITT, and wedges from the stylist’s collection.

A third image features a pearl string necklace, a Parisian map ring and corset ring, and multiple thread bracelets. Han also dons a Burberry Prorsum bodysuit and jacket with the accessories. Last but not least, Han wears a signature ‘D’ duo necklace, complex bracelet, and thread bracelets while wearing a white tank top and a white skirt.

Check out the Han Ye Seul’s pictorial images for High Cut below:

Sources: (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via High Cut

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