H&M Unveils Special Summer Clothing Collection, Selected By Hyoyeon

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Alongside multinational clothing company H&M, Hyoyeon is setting out to redefine summer fashion as we know it through a clothing collection.

The Girls’ Generation member is redefining summer fashion. In collaboration with clothing retail company H&M, the artist is unveiling a summer clothing collection this month.

Selected by HYOYEON

(image via H&M South Korea)

Titled Selected By HYOYEON, the artist’s clothing collection boasts summer themed outfits. The collection boasts elegant, yet comfortable outfits — perfect for the sunny weather and trips to the beach. Notably, all the clothes in this collection are made from sustainable materials such as tencel fabric and recycled polyester.

Selected by HYOYEON

(image via H&M South Korea)

The collection features mostly copper and brown-toned blouses, as well as paisley-patterned skirts and dresses. Each piece can be paired with plain clothing items, giving each outfit a quick splash of sophistication and style.

Modelling this vibrant collection is Hyoyeon herself. Clad in flowing bright blouses and flowing skirts, she invites SONEs and fashion enthusiasts alike to head on over to H&M and snag their own threads for the summer. The artist truly adds a refreshing feeling to the collection, as she effortlessly models each piece in the collection.

Items from the Selected By HYOYEON collection are available exclusively at H&M South Korea. The singer’s photos with H&M can also be spotted in physical stores around South Korea.