Hwang In Yeop Ready To Portray Mature And Masculine Roles In His Future Dramas

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True Beauty actor Hwang In Yeop wants to try new challenging roles, assuring the audience that he can also portray various characters that suits his age.

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A bolder and fiercer Hwang In Yeop is about to conquer the year 2021!

Korea’s next rising star Hwang In Yeop has been active in doing photo shoots these days. After portraying his iconic role in the recent tvN romantic-comedy-drama True Beauty as the rebellious and charismatic Han Seo Jun, the 31-year-old actor is now dominating the fashion industry.

He is featured in the latest issue of Arena Homme Plus magazine. And people, especially his fans, surely can’t get enough of his new look.

Giving a fresh and masculine vibe. Hwang In Yeop’s natural beauty can be seen in every photo. He even seemingly glows differently in the recent magazine pictorial.

After hours of doing the photoshoots, the True Beauty star sat with the magazine team for an interview. The said issue’s concept is “Like Sunlight” – which the actor has perfectly portrayed during the shoot.

Hwang In Yeop started by sharing about the people who helped him throughout his acting journey. According to him, “All the people around me, I consider them as my mentors.”

The 18 Again actor also revealed that he wants to be that person who has overflowing confidence to give off a positive vibe whenever he goes.

Meanwhile, in most of his past dramas, Hwang In Yeop played roles as students or a kind of character that was then young for his age. For this year, the rising actor wants to try things he had never done before.

The True Beauty actor confessed, “For my future works, I want to portray a manly or tough role. I want to show that I can also build a daring and raw character just like in an adult drama.”


Source: Arena Homme Plus Magazine

Photo Credit: Arena Homme Plus Magazine