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The September publication of Elle Girl magazine features a pictorial and interview section with INFINITE. The band was said to have good team work and retained a good atmosphere until the end of the shoot as they constantly joked around and laughed with each other.

INFINITE participated in an interview upon completing the photo shoot and answers a series of questions. When asked about fan service, Woohyun boldly revealed that he would show ‘aegyo’ for Inspirits for the rest of his life. The members were also asked about what gestures they would frequently make on stage. Hoya said “sensual gestures”; Sungyeol replied, “a heartfelt kiss on the hand”; and Myungsoo revealed, “I want to make eye contact with each fan.”

The full pictorial and interview can be seen in the latest issue of Elle Girl magazine. Check some of the photos below.

Source (News & Photo) – The Star


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