Infinite’s L Proudly Claims His Idol Roots In Recent Interview With The Star Magazine

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Gaining prominence as an actor, Infinite’s L is clear of what he is as an idol and idol-singer.

Through hard work and memorable portrayals in the dramas he has worked in, Kim Myung Soo, or L of K-pop boy group Infinite, expressed wise words in recent pictorial with fashion magazine The Star for its October issue.

Infinite's L


As if getting ripped from the pages of a perfect handsome manhwa character, Kim captures dazzling photos under the theme of “L ROMANCE”. With checkered suit and knitwear in dark and autumn hues, Infinite’s L defines autumn’s romantic mood using his eye candy features and melting gazes.

Kim revealed the experiences he learned through interacting with the production team and fellow actors in Miss Hammurabi. He shared he had enjoyed the moments he shared with them.

As an active member of Infinite, he shared his thoughts about the prejudice labeled for “idol-actor” by pointing out that idol-actors are getting more popular, and that the public has been accepting them well.

He said, “Some people like Infinite’s L and others like actor Kim Myung Soo. So I want to approach the fans more variously. Sometimes the fans misunderstand that L is uptight, but it is not true. I really want to have fun with the fans and I enjoy having fun. ”

The idol actor also expressed how he used to be a sad person who does not know how to take a break, but he thinks it is time for him to run now. He also responded about the fans clamor on his next activity and assured Inspirits that he is working on a new album.

Detailed interview with photos of Infinite’s L will be out in the October issue of The Star.

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