IZ*ONE Members Wonyoung, Yuri, Eunbi And Chaewon Talk About The Group’s Unique Synergy

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Wonyoung, Eunbi, Yuri and Chaewon of IZ*ONE took the center stage at Marie Claire’s May issue and discussed how their group succeeds through their different concepts.

After the release of their debut album, IZ*ONE just shows the world that they’re on a roll. Fresh from the success of their musical releases, members Wonyoung, Eunbi, Yuri, and Chaewon sat down with Marie Claire magazine for their upcoming May issue.


The released photos, which showcased the quartet dressed in elegant black dresses, highlighted their naturally classic and graceful charms. Following this preview, more photos from their shoot will be available upon the release of the magazine’s issue next month.

Aside from the set of snapshots, Marie Claire also gave a sneak peek at the four idols’ accompanying interview to their fabulous pictorial.

When talking about their experience as idols thus far, Wonyoung shared how she would like fans to see the group’s versatility when it came to concepts. “We received a lot of love from “Violeta”, “La Vie en Rose”, and “FIESTA”, and I hope to continue meeting fans by showing various sides to us.”

Eunbi, meanwhile, talked about the source of IZ*ONE’s synergy. “The ideas of friends who are outstanding in various fields combine to make up IZ*ONE’s charm.” She also cited the size of the group as a source of comfort, noting that she was grateful that she had more friends to be onstage with.

Yuri and Chaewon each expressed their gratitude towards their fans. Yuri shared how the fans have inspired her to become a better influence for people of all ages, while Chaewon shared how the fans have inspired her to become a better person overall.

Source: Herald POP, Sports Chosun

Image Source: Marie Claire Korea