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The September issue of CéCi magazine features a snazzy pictorial of actor Jo Jung Suk, who is seen unleashing his inner playful personality while keeping himself busy.

In the first pictorial spread, Jo is seen holding a newspaper while wearing roller skates indoors. He dons a print shirt, print jacket, and blue shorts from Greyhound by Koon With a View, a Gucci watch, and striped calve-length American Apparel socks. Next, he is seen carefully putting on a coat. Jo is clad in a Mun Soo Kwon outfit consisting of a polka dot skirt, dark slacks, and a coat. He also sports blue-soled Rockport shoes. A third image features Jo brushing his teeth with an Izola toothbrush and sitting on a chequered marble floor. He is seen wearing a white and beige Kimseoryong Homme jacket, a Cheap Monday graphic t-shirt, red Bon pants, Namuhana sneakers, and a Vanhart di Albazar bracelet. Next, Jo is halfway through eating an apple while wearing a pair of House of Holland sunglasses.

A fifth image features Jo casually sipping out of a sparking Chandon NV wine bottle. He is seen clad in a print Marc Stone by John White shirt, a fine tailored Les Hommes by John White suit, a Mario Salvucci spider brooch, Tandy Homme shoes, and a Mzuu bracelet. For the sixth image, Jo sits among opened bags of chips and snacks as he dons a red Gucci knit sweater and print Pearly Gates pants. Last but not least, he is busy tying his shoelaces and is seen sporting a fine the Suits by Project Rue suit, a ‘KING’ Band of Outsiders by Project Rue snap back, Gourmet sneakers, an H⋅R bracelet and ring, and a shirt from the stylists’ collection.

Take a look at Jo Jung Suk’s pictorial for CéCi’s September publication belows:

Sources: (News & Photos) – CéCi

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