Jun Ji Hyun Is Elegance Defined In Photos For STONEHENgE Jewelry

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Capturing stunning moments, Jun Ji Hyun flaunts sparkling beauties for STONEHENgE jewelry.

The dazzling jewelries are as timelessly beautiful as its long-term brand ambassador. Highlighting the actress’ mesmerizing body lines, the featured pieces of jewelry adorned Jun’s graceful elegance and breathtaking face.

Jun Ji Hyun

Garbed in champagne-colored knit dress, Jun draws attention with contrasting sensual and serene pictures. Like a modern dancer, she brims with charisma and tranquil demeanor. Primed with barely-there makeup, she evokes an air of felicity.

Jun Ji HyunJun Ji Hyun

Donning a black ensemble, the featured necklace, bracelet and ring add drama to the piercing gaze of the actress, who was dolled up with a fiery red lips and exquisite vibe.

Jun Ji HyunJun Ji Hyun

Finally, the necklace and earrings worn by Jun Ji Hyun exudes sophistication. Effortlessly drawing images of a woman in urban, casual and formal attire, the actress showcased delicate movements and detailed expressions.

In the photos, Jun sweetly provokes with classy makeup that blends well with the daintily designed necklace.

Jun Ji Hyun’s photobook will be on Marie Claire’s November issue and STONEHENgE official homepage.

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Image Credit: Marie Claire | STONEHENgE