K-Photo Reel: EXID’s Solji For GQ Magazine June 2019 Issue

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This June, EXID’s Solji stuns the world with her photo shoot with GQ Magazine and opens up about her thoughts and plans with music.

Classy and stunning: those are two moods that EXID’s Solji showcased in her photo shoot with GQ Magazine. Donning a wide array of black and white clothing, the singer stuns the camera with her naturally refreshing charm.

(image via GQ Magazine)

In an interview with the magazine, Solji delved into EXID’s musical style. For the singer, EXID has an “addictive melody and strong color.” She also shared how the public associates EXID’s musical style with their hit song, “Up&Down“, which she is grateful for.

“People still think of “Up&Down” when they think of EXID, but we have never felt the need to overtake that,” the singer shares. “We are actually grateful that we have a song that everyone remembers when they think of EXID.”

(image via GQ Magazine)

Solji also shared her future plans to grow as a singer. “I’m always thinking about the kind of songs I can sing so people can resonate with them,” she notes. “I want to be able to support listeners with my music, whether it’s through lyrics or sentiments.”

LEGGOs can look forward to seeing more of Solji’s photos and interview in GQ Magazine’s June 2019 issue.

(image via GQ Magazine)

Solji is currently promoting EXID’s latest EP, WE. This comeback is their last before their group’s hiatus, as Banana Culture Entertainment will focus on each member’s individual activities after Hani and Jeonghwa’s departures. The group will also be embarking on their 2019 EXID Summer Live Tour of Japan, which will begin on August 11.