K-Photo Reel: HyunA and DAWN Are All Dressed Up And Filled With Love In Grazia Feature

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For their newest magazine photo shoot, HyunA and DAWN send out their love letter to the world

Grazia Korea’s December issue is celebrating love, and they have found the fitting muses for their concept: power couple HyunA and DAWN. The magazine recently teased the pair’s upcoming feature through a series of photos posted on their social media accounts.


True to the magazine’s theme, HyunA and DAWN show their honest and adorable love to the cameras. Their affection truly shines through in the photos, and everyone who looks through the photos will certainly feel the same joy that they share as a couple.

Beyond their casual poses and their showcase of love, HyunA and DAWN also express their style through the pictorial. Decked in outfits that combine rock-and-roll with classy suits and gowns, the pair exudes a vibe that is uniquely appealing for the pair.


In the accompanying interview, HyunA and DAWN personally asked each other questions about their careers and their year-end plans. When asked about HyunA not sharing anything her work-related plans to DAWN, she shares how she keeps in mind their rivalry in the company.

“Our musical tastes and preferences are very different, so I try my best to be respectful and mindful of that,” she explains. “Of course, there’s also the sense of rivalry between the two of us.”

When asked about the same question, DAWN explained his desire to build his own sound. “I wanted to establish my own color, and I sought to achieve that with my own strengths,” he adds. “Of course, I gathered advice after I finished everything. It was nice to be able to improve.”

On the topic of year-end plans, the pair shared how they wanted to continue being busy. “I want to continue working even through the year-end awards shows,” HyunA adds. “I want to perform a lot to the point where I just say, ‘Oh, it’s already January 1st?'”

Source: E News 24

Image Source: Grazia Korea

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