K-Photo Reel: Kim Yoo Jung For Nylon June 2019 Issue

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Sporting short hair, Kim Yoo Jung gives off a refreshing vibe in photos due for release by Nylon magazine.

Known to be pretty in long locks, Kim Yoo Jung epitomizes the lovely charm of a young woman who is ready to chase her dreams.

Kim Yoo Jung for Nylon

Shot in Macau, fashion magazine Nylon highlighted the actress fairy-like appearance with clothing that shows her feminine side. In a close-up photo, Kim donned a brooding look that captivates, owing to her brightly lit face, red-painted lips and beautiful eyes.

Shifting to a stunning girl crush mood, Kim wore a fitted yellow dress that screams I’m-ready-to-date attitude. The last photo shows the Love in the Moonlight actress smiling happily,  clad in a pair of blue skirt and dress, while holding a stylish white purse. Fashion brand Hearty Club accentuated Kim’s stunning features through the clothes she wore.

Kim Yoo Jung

Throughout the filming, Kim maintained a bright and cheerful aura with the pictorial team. Recently starring in Kim Jae Hwan’s “Begin Again” music video, the actress brought out her acting skills to capture the message of the song.

Her most recent drama paired her up with Yoon Kyun Sang in jTBC’s Clean with Passion for Now.

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You can find more pictures of Kim Yoo Jung in the June issue of Nylon.

Kim Yoo Jung